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15 Places that Need the Dirt-Fighting Benefits of a Doormat!

Dust seems pretty harmless when you catch glimpses of it floating around—caught in a beam of sunshine that breaks through a window. But don’t let those tiny inconspicuous bits fool you.

Dust is dangerous and not just annoying and unseemly after it settles. According to the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America), today, more than ever, Americans are suffering from debilitating breathing problems, which are only made worse in the presence of dust. Also, did you know that the average home can take in 40 or more pounds of dust in a single year? That’s a huge amount that is obviously contributing to the declining lung health of Americans.

Furthermore, dust can also affect computers and other electronics, costing you lots of money in expensive repairs.

Don’t despair! A dirt trapper mat can help in your battle to keep your home and place of business clean and free of dust and allergens. Good, high quality door mats can act as the first line of defense against these microscopic invaders—especially when you consider that a majority of dirt and grime actually gets trekked in on the bottom of people’s shoes. The very best door mat will combat this grime while requiring very little maintenance. Both a large and small door mat should also be durable and functional enough to be placed in a wide variety of locations.


Outdoor mat to keep dirt away
Outdoor mat to keep dirt away

Don’t just use matting to protect your home—safeguard the health and property of friends, loved ones, customers, and even pets by employing these quality door mats in any or all of the following locations, as well as any other you can think of!

Front Door of a Home

Using a dirt trapper mat at the entrance of your home is a great way to protect your interior floors and avoid heavy-duty cleaning costs!

Back Door of a Home

Often overlooked, the back door of your home is also a gateway through which dirt and grime can be introduced. Placing a dirt trapper mat at this entrance can ensure that backyard pollen and dirt stay outside.

Apartment Complex

A communal dirt trapper mat at the entrance of a complex is a great way to keep corridors and elevators clean as well as reducing the time and cost of having to have these public areas cleaned.

Pet House

A bit on the whimsical side, but a small door mat could easily be employed at the entrance of your pet’s home! Not only will a Wipe Your Paws mat be cute and funny, but it can also help improve the air quality of your four-legged companion.


These structures are a great way to enjoy the beauty of gardens or parks, while also offering protection from the elements. Make sure the floors inside this structure stay debris-free by placing a mat at its entrance.

Pool Entrance

The best door mat will stand up to abrasive environments, such as constant exposure to moisture. Whether your pool is private or public, use a mat (at the gate entrance) to keep dirt out!


Decks are often elevated and will have a designated staircase leading up to them. Placing a mat at the foot of this staircase is a great way to protect the flooring of your structure from damage caused by gravel and any other items found on the bottom of shoes.


Trendy or laid back, a chic or friendly mat is the perfect way to set the mood with your patrons. It will also help keep your inside floors from looking like the ground outside!

Candy Store (my favorite!)

The main patrons of this sort of establishment tend to children, who will walk around without much concern for where they’re stepping. Placing a welcome mat won’t just help you appear friendlier; it will also help keep undesirable substances out.

Class Room Entrance

According to the AAFA, in the United States alone it is estimated that nearly 5 million children suffer from asthma. With the classroom being a place for learning, making sure children can breathe properly is extremely important. High quality door mats, placed at the entrance of classrooms, can safeguard air quality.

The Bank

With everything from a gardener to an engineer walking into them, banks see a lot of diverse foot-traffic. A dirt trapper mat can help control what gets trekked in to keep the space functional and comfortable for everyone.

Restaurant Entrance

Food and service quality are all important aspects of any restaurant, but so is its cleanliness. A dirt trapper mat will be easy to clean while also being dependable, thus making them one less point of concern for restaurant staff.

A Massage Parlor

This is a unique location in that customers may have to walk barefoot on the floors. Using a dirt trapper mat at the entrance of each private room is an excellent way to keep out debris and therefore ensuring customer comfort and satisfaction.

Retirement Facility

Like children, our senior citizens are also greatly affected by air quality since they are more susceptible to respiratory complications. By using a dirt trapper mat at the entrance of retirement facilities, we can help keep our elderly healthy and happy by doing our best to give them the best quality of life possible.


Retail items, such as clothing and electronics can be damaged by dust and dirt. Using a dirt trapper mat at the entrance of a store is a perfect way to protect merchandise while also helping your store keep a professional and clean appearance. High quality door mats could help save your business lots of money on lost and damaged goods!

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