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What You Need to Know About Coir Boot Scrapers—From Uses to Upkeep!

Just beyond the threshold of our front door, guests are given their first glance into the interior of not just our living space but also our lives. It’s easy to see how someone lives based on how our personal space is kept—are shoes kicked off and left in all manners of disarray or are they neatly set atop coir boot cleaners? Is there a place to hang your coat or are they just thrown over the couch? And while these things may not say much about your character as a person, they sure will give guests some insight into how neat or messy you are! One particular area that gets a lot of attention is the flooring inside of your home, not only because it’s something that’s readily visible, but also because it has to be a secure surface to stand on, while also adhering to aesthetics. Coconut-fiber

boot cleaners are a great way to protect the flooring in your home by providing guests with a place to scrape their shoes. Because a boot scraper door mat sits outside, it will help keep unseemly and potentially damaging dirt and grime where it belongs rather than on your hardwood, tile, or carpeted surfaces.

If you’re considering using a scraper-type mat then we definitely recommend one made out of coir. And if you know very little about scrapers and coconut fiber, then here are the 5 main things you need to know about coir-made boot cleaners.

• Coconut Fiber
We all want to purchase durable products that will function properly for a long time while also maintaining structural integrity and aesthetic qualities. In order to build anything that’s going to be long lasting, you need to start with a material source that will lend itself to this sort of longevity.

Coconut fiber, or coir, as it’s commonly known—is an amazingly strong material that is harvested from coconut husks. Water-proof coir is a great material to use in boot cleaners because it is naturally inclined to do well in an excessively moist environment, such as the sort of setting it may encounter during rainy or snowy seasons. And because of this resistance to water, coir is also resistant to mold and mildew, which is an added benefit to your olfactory senses.

• Product Structure
A boot scraper door mat is made of tightly wound coir cylinders that are then molded against a flat wire structure—thus creating a matted product. This structure creates a far more textured surface than many other mats because it pushes out the bristled points of the coir fibers. This flat matted structure allows for this product to even be used indoors inside of large plastic trays or a boot mud scraper where they add an extra layer of water resistance and floor protection by helping to catch dirt and grime even when your boots aren’t on your feet!

Best Selling Boot Scraper Herringbone pattern place to keep both the shoes
Best Selling Boot Scraper Herringbone pattern place to keep both the shoes

• How and Where it Works
Like the ribbed design of some rubber matting options, coir boot cleaners produce a set of thick and coarse crests upon which shoes can be scraped. The stiff fibers will get into the nooks and crannies of shoe-sole designs, helping to keep as much mud, dirt, and snow from entering your home by brushing it off. And because of the structure of the tightly bound coils, debris is caught, rather than transferred over to the next person who uses the boot scraper mat.

Due to the material’s resistance to water and resilience, these mats are well suited for indoor and outdoor applications—especially in places with harsh weather conditions. If your home is in a place that sees heavy snow or rain fall, then one of these mats can help you. Place these boot cleaners outside your home, business, or establishment’s front, back, and side doors because any entrance into a building is a gateway through which dirt can be trekked in!

• Upkeep
A coir boot scraper mat is very easy to clean up, which is another great feature of this product. While it will provide your home with extra protection against messes and possible flooring damage, its upkeep will remain relatively simple. Debris can be removed by shaking the boot cleaners out, sweeping it with a broom, or even by using the hose of a vacuum.

• Availability of Styles
Though the material is strong and the mats equally so, the cylinders have pretty impressive flexibility that allows them to be shaped into interesting designs. A boot scraper door mat can be just as aesthetically pleasing as it can be functional. Available in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and even shapes—this is a product that will help you add a bit of personal flair to your entrance way. With half-moon, oval, and the normal long rectangular design, there’s definitely a style to fit any entranceway. Smaller boot cleaners can even be used indoors with a large boot mud scraper mat for added protection!

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