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What Benefits Can a Large Door Mat Bring to Your Apartment Complex?

When it comes to living in an apartment complex there are a lot of things that residents will have to put up with—noisy neighbors, lack of a front or back yard, and over an overall lower level of privacy. But many complexes come with great amenities, such as games rooms, pools, and manicured gardens and courtyards. One very attractive aspect of living in an apartment community is the fact that gardens and other communal areas are cared for by the apartment staff. However, just because the residents aren’t worrying about this maintenance doesn’t mean someone else isn’t! If you own, manage, or work in an apartment complex then you probably understand how expensive and time-consuming clean up and upkeep can be. A large door mat can offer a lot of help in the form of protection against messes and damage. Even for lobby entryways that will often feature a larger entrance, double door mats are readily available. Using an oversized door mat at the entrance to shared community spaces—such as the laundry facilities, game rooms, and recreation rooms—can ensure that all your residents enjoy the spaces without having to deal with unsightly stains, messes, or debris. And don’t forget the great safety qualities that come with large rubber door mats!

Check out these 4 reasons why high rise apartment buildings and complexes need the durable and resilient protection of entryway matting! From safety to ease of maintenance, a large door mat is a great choice to use in any location, weather environment, and situation!

  • Safety
    Places that see a lot of foot traffic, such as the lobby to high rise apartment buildings, are susceptible to hold all the dirt, grime, and moisture that can be found out on the street. Carried in on the bottom of shoes, this debris has the potential to cause hazardous flooring situations that could lead to falls, which could cause serious injuries. The flooring structures inside of many lobbies and game rooms tend to be polished tile, hardwood, or linoleum—these are all surfaces that can quickly become dangerous if even a few drops of moisture are present. Using large rubber door mats at the entrance to these locations can help prevent residents and their guests from bringing in moisture—especially if it happens to be raining or snowing outside. And because a large door mat will usually come with a ribbed or textured surface, which is perfect for scraping, bigger pieces of debris can also be removed and caught, preventing them from causing stumble and trip accidents.
  • Dirt Fighting
    Sometimes, lobbies and recreation rooms will have carpeted flooring options. While carpet removes some of the slip-and-fall risk of hard flooring structures, it presents a whole new problem (though not entirely unique to carpets)! Carpets can easily get dirty due to their absorbent properties. Any moisture, mud, or dirt that gets trekked in by residents and their guests is going to end up leaving stains and tread marks across your carpet. Employing some double door mats on both sides of the door can help you keep your carpets clean. Professional carpet cleaning for substantially large areas, such as lobbies, can be extremely costly but it can be postponed through proper protection and care.
  • Floor Protection

Due to the sheer amount of foot traffic, the flooring structures found within elevators, lobbies, and recreation rooms are simply bound to see a lot more wear and tear than other locations. An oversized door mat won’t just add security and help keep interior floors clean, it can also help protect the flooring structures as well. Hardwood, tile, and linoleum can easily be scratched, especially if people are walking around with gravel stuck to the bottom of their shoes. Double door mats can be the first defense against this type of threat. Costs of repairs and replacements can be very expensive and may even put these communal areas out of commission while they undergo renovations.

  • Easy to Maintain
    Management makes sure that gardens are tended to, they make sure the washers and driers are working properly, and that the repair man comes in case something goes amiss with the pool. Large rubber door mats, while providing a multitude of qualities, won’t require tedious or time-consuming care, which will allow the apartment staff to concentrate and deal with everything else that could and usually does go wrong! An oversized door mat, whether it’s made from coir, rubber, or a blend of the two will be easy to maintain and require little more than a good shake, sweep of the broom, and a damp mop for a more thorough cleansing.
Contemporary Doormats with a picture of a tree for the Modern Home

With all of these great advantages you may think that you’ll have to give up aesthetic qualities, but that isn’t the case! Double door mats can come with interesting patterns and designs, while indoor carpeted mats (backed with rubber or vinyl for extra security) can come in vibrant colors. Whether you employ a single large door mat or a multitude of them throughout your complex, we’re certain that this is a durable and affordable investment that will protect both residents as well as original structures.

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