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Exterior Door Mats—Variety, Functionality, and Durability

Although we don’t often think about it, entryways are pretty important spaces to cover with secure flooring options. They’ll require appropriate matting, which should be functional as well as aesthetically appealing. This is especially true if the exterior door mats will be employed in a home or in a place of business—or pretty much any location where reputation and opinion is important. Apart from functionality and appearance, your exterior door mats must also be long lasting, ensuring that they will not need constant replacement. And finally, tied in with appearance, is the importance of choice because no two entryways are exactly the same. Fully rubberized or coir options, along with matting that marries the two materials together are available in more than 300 choices! Meaning that your mud mat won’t have to be boring, and can in fact reflect some personal flair and personality! But waterproof door mats won’t just look good, they’ll also work hard in preventing the transfer of moisture, which could easily damage interior floors, and create hazards. A mud mat is a great investment because it won’t just help protect interior flooring structures from messes and damage, but also because the product itself is high quality and therefore very durable.

Check out the 3 main reasons why we think that employing exterior door mats in all of your entryways is a great idea. From hard working functionality to a plethora of clever, cute, and elegant matting options—we’re certain you’ll find the perfect choice for you:

  • Wide Range of Styles
    From a rustically designed home to a moderns doctor’s office—entryway matting can provide guests, patients, customers, and clients with slip resistant safety. But because this matting will be employed in a highly visible area of your building it should work in harmony with the rest of your décor. A mud mat is available in one of three main styles—all of which are specifically designed to offer aesthetic appeal while remaining highly functional.

Fully Coir— Coir (i.e., coconut husk) is a natural and biodegradable product. It comes in a beautifully golden tan color, but can also be painted so as to denote a number of images (like owls, flowers, and clever or touching sayings). Using coir matting makes a great “green” statement to any and all who walk through your front door.  And because coir mats exhibit long lives even in outdoor conditions, they are often preferred for outdoor garden and backyard applications.

Fully Rubber— Many rubber matting options are also eco-friendly products.  They are generally made from natural rubber (i.e., rubber tree sap) or reclaimed rubbers. The material source for recycled rubber tends to be automobile tires, which stand as a true testament to the durability of a rubber scraper mat, especially when you consider the harsh environments that tires are designed to stand up against, such as constant exposure to the sun, rain, and snow.

Coir and Rubber or Vinyl Blends—Marrying the best of two extremely durable products, rubber or vinyl backed coir mats are the perfect choice for entryways that need a bit of style! These are wonderful waterproof door mats that will ensure a slip resistant surface in wet or snowy conditions, all while offering a richly bristled surface that will scrape away dirt, grime, and moisture.

  • Functionality

Exterior door mats that feature an aggressive surface finish, in the form of rich textures or bristled rods, are an entirely different class of entryway matting. The rough outward texture adds a nonslip surface to entryways not only protecting visitors and guests from possible slip-and-fall accidents but also helping to keep interior floors clean and damage free. A rubber scraper mat, which lives up to its name, will remove dirt and debris from shoes and feet, thereby helping to reduce interior maintenance costs. As a result, damage to your entryway flooring—especially carpet and hardwood—can be significantly reduced.

  • Durability
    Both rubber and coir are naturally long lasting materials that won’t have to be constantly replaced. Even waterproof door mats will last a long time so that they can be used over and over during wet and snowy seasons. The durability of these products is in large part due to the ease of their maintenance. A mud mat will require little more than the brush of a broom or a good thorough shaking in order to remove dirt, muck, and mud. For more thorough cleanings, many of these mats can be cleaned off with a damp mop, and some can even be fully hosed off, which makes them incredibly convenient to maintain.
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3 Pears design on a brown matt

Exterior door mats are versatile and can be used inside or outside of buildings.  And with their availability of styles, colors, materials, and even sizes they can seamlessly fit into any design scheme. Even a hardworking rubber scraper mat can feature an intricate and appealing textured design, which will make it a wonderful focal point. If you want a functional and durable option for your entryway matting, then a rubber or coir mat is a great choice.

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