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Carpet Mats Have Excellent Traction and Scraper Qualities

Good carpet mats offer excellent traction and scraper qualities. Floor Mat Company’s carpet mats can cut down on the amount of dirt and debris being tracked into your interior floors. Because they are made with absorbent synthetic fibers and backed with watertight vinyl or rubber material, our durable floor mats will bring the ideal amount of traction and floor protection to any residential or commercial doorway, no matter the season!

Our colorful carpet mat or carpet runners, which are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, are made for year-round slip resistance and traction. Add an extra level of safety to your slippery floors with these floor mats that provide excellent friction for wet, slick doorways. These tough mats will prevent dangerous slips and falls by providing a soft but scraping floor surface.

Need longer runs or custom made lengths, checkout our carpet runners! Ideal for business walkways these mats will quickly scrape mud from incoming foot traffic and absorb persistent moisture, keeping entryway floors clean and dry. Protect your interior home or commercial floors from damage! Investing in colorful rug runners is a simple way to save money year round.

  • Durability
    Both rubber and coir are naturally long lasting materials that won’t have to be constantly replaced. Even waterproof door mats will last a long time so that they can be used over and over during wet and snowy seasons. The durability of these products is in large part due to the ease of their maintenance. A mud mat will require little more than the brush of a broom or a good thorough shaking in order to remove dirt, muck, and mud. For more thorough cleanings, many of these mats can be cleaned off with a damp mop, and some can even be fully hosed off, which makes them incredibly convenient to maintain.
Brown in color Slip Resistant Rubber Backed Mat texture shot
Blue soft top olefin displayed outside a door entrance

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