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Outside Door Mats—10 Places to Put Them

There are a multitude of options when it comes to entryway matting. With choices that can reflect specific aesthetic and functional needs, it can be very difficult to decide which dirt mat is the best choice for your home or business. And unfortunately, some products aren’t even up to par when it comes to standing up against the abrasive and harsh conditions of the great outdoors. After all, the outside door mats that you choose to employ have to be able to withstand changing weather conditions while being able to continue offering safety and protection against grime and interior flooring damage. That’s why we highly recommend the use of rubberized matting, which is a strong, resilient, and extremely durable product. A dirt trapping doormat that is made out of rubber is also going to be easier to clean up, being that it is resistant to water and can therefore be washed off with a hose when dirt and mud build up on its surface. But there are other options available such as rubber or vinyl backed coir, which offers a stunning appearance with all the strength and beauty of nature. Available as outdoor scraper mats, these coir products aren’t just ecologically friendly, they’re also very affordable and can add a touch of elegance, humor, and personal flair.

With so many styles and choices there’s a multitude of places where you can use these products. Here’s a list of 10 places that we are absolutely certain would benefit from all the advantages offered by outside door mats:

  1. Your Front Door

What better place to utilize all of the amazing qualities of exterior matting than in your own home? For many people, their home is truly their castle, so guarding interior floors from mud stains and damage caused by trekked-in dirt and gravel is a high priority. Not to mention, with some of the more personalized options, your entryway matting can be a great place to add a touch of personal flair.

  1. Garage Entrances

Dirt, grime, moisture, and mud can come into your home from any entrance. A gateway that often gets overlooked, perhaps because it’s not directly attached to the main structure of a home, is a garage door. However, most people fully utilize their garages as laundry rooms, game rooms, and extra storage space. A strategically placed dirt mat can keep dirt from transferring from one part of your home to another.

  1. Patio/Decks

Outdoor scraper mats are perfectly suited for use on your patio or deck. Since these spaces are constantly exposed to the elements, the resilient strength of rubber and coir will ensure that you have a long-lasting product that will require minimal care.

  1. Workshops
    Your workshop could be in your garage, shed, or just out in the open somewhere in your backyard; it could even be its own professional building. Whatever the case may be, having outdoor matting at the entrance can protect materials and expensive equipment from the dirt and moisture that often gets trekked in on the bottom of shoes.
  1. Retail Stores
    For commercial locations that offer goods, there’s nothing quite as important as the protection of customers and merchandise. Using a dirt trapping doormat, which will catch and hold onto dirt as people move on top of it can help reduce risky flooring situations as well as the damage suffered by goods due to dust and moisture.
  1. Industrial Buildings
    Although these are locations for manufacturing, keeping a clean and professional appearance is extremely important—specifically in places that are dealing with food packaging and processing. Using outside door mats that easily stand up to the weight of heavy foot traffic can help management ensure they have an unpolluted workspace.
  1. Parking Structures
    Parking structures will often feature both indoor as well as outdoor locations. And with automobile tires bringing in a mixture of oil, moisture, and mud, it’s easy to see how these structures can quickly become rather dirty! Placing a large and traction rich, dirt-trapping doormat at the entrance of the building can help control the mess, especially in places that offer patrons the option of using stairs rather than elevators, which could easily become wet and slippery.
  1. Office Buildings
    A professional environment by nature, office buildings and corporate offices should reflect a polished appearance. An exterior dirt mat can ensure that employees, guests, and clients all leave debris and moisture outside where it belongs rather than trekking it in through a lobby. Cleaning costs can quickly mount if you have to clean the same area multiple times a day!
Visually Appealing Rubber Backed Mat with shoe marks in coming & going direction
Rubber Floor Mat Designed with black Coir Fibers to Increase Traction
  1. Transit Stations
    Sometimes your outdoor scraper mats just have to be tough, specifically in places that will be seeing a lot of foot traffic. Because many matting options can quickly lose their shape and therefore their functionality, choosing a long lasting and tough product is essential. Many rubber products are made from recycled material, the main source of which is discarded automobile tires. When you consider the sort of abrasive conditions that tires can withstand then it makes perfect sense how these products will handle the tough applications of transit station use.
  1. Educational Buildings
    Nowhere is safety more important than when it is in relationship to our little ones. Educational buildings could greatly benefit from the use of outside door mats by offering a barrier between all the grass and dirt that gets collected on the bottom of children’s shoes and the same floors where they sit and play on. With many children developing respiratory complications (such as asthma), using a dirt mat can lessen the amount of dust, pollen, and harmful chemicals that are in the air.

There many other locations and even different applications that could benefit from the use of a dirt trapping doormat—can you think of anymore?

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