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Commercial Entrance Mats Are Made With Safety in Mind

The benefits of having a mudroom in your home are many. So much so that any home in America could profit from the creation of such a space—a designated location for removing dirty shoes, wet coats, and dripping umbrellas. Regardless of where you live, even if you see little moisture in the form of rain or snow, the messes that exist beyond the threshold of your door will always be present. From dirt to grime a mudroom creates a space where all that rubbish can be left behind. But because of its intended use, a mudroom will require a floor surface that is resistant to water and easy to clean up. The strategic placement of some highly durable and affordable mud mats can greatly reduce the strain of keeping this sort of space clean. And because these matting options were originally meant to be used as external door mats, they are designed to stand up against the harshest elements; bringing them indoors will only result in added protection! An outside doormat has to be strong, not only to stand up against the weight of feet but also to withstand the elements. Bringing a waterproof door mat into your mudroom will ensure that it can handle anything from moisture, mud and snow to ice.
These are the top 4 reasons why we think external door mats can easily be brought indoors, especially in mudrooms and other clearing spaces within the home.

  • Durability
    Outdoor matting can be made from a number of materials—from fully rubberized and coir options to a blend of rubber or vinyl and coir, all of which are perfectly suited for the capture and containment of dirt, muck, and mud. However, the use of these high quality materials also ensures that the mud mats will be long lasting and won’t need constant replacement. Many rubberized mats are made from recycled tires, which stands a true testament to the products durability, especially when you consider the sort of abrasive all-weather and all-terrain environments that tires are designed to not only stand up against but to also function within. And this is the same sort of durability that you’ll be getting when you employ an outside doormat.
  • Slip Resistance

Floor Mat Company’s wide variety of commercial entrance mats can make large-scale commercial entryways safer and more hospitable. We offer rubber, plastic, and carpet mats that are made with slip-resistance and excellence in mind. Our products are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, providing excellent safety and floor protection for commercial buildings of any kind!

During wet seasons, high-traffic areas such as schools, airports and office buildings need safe, secure flooring. Floor Mat Company’s commercial door mats offer unbeatable non-slip safety. These durable doorway mats are designed to keep entryways clean and dry, lessening the risk of slips and falls. Our modular rubber runners, scraper mats, and carpet mats will last longer and provide great entryway protection for your school or business.

Our entrance matting is designed for the sole purpose of providing a safe transition—no matter the size of the entryway! Install our vinyl carpet mats, durable runner mats easily by unrolling them, we custom cut runners to need. Their durable rubber and vinyl backings will not slip or slide around! And when the weather warms up, you can simply roll these mats up again for easy storage.

Wavey pattern black matt with a man in black shoes standing on top of it
Black in color Indoor/Outdoor Slip-Resistant Rubber Floor Runners person walking

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