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Big Door Mats—15 Places that Need Them!

With a number of qualities that range from useful to absolutely necessary, the size of an entryway (whether internal or external) should not be a hindrance when it comes to properly protecting it with coir, rubber, blended, or carpeted matting options. Big door mats are readily available and offer all the same great slip resistant qualities that you might expect from something smaller. A heavy-duty door mat that extends the length of your entryway is perfectly suited for places that see heavy foot traffic—such as public facilities like a library or a museum. Carpeted and coir options come with a rubber or a 100% vinyl backing, which will ensure that your double door doormat is resilient and long lasting, while always giving guests ample security especially in the presence of moisture. And even aesthetically, an oversized welcome mat doesn’t have to be boring. Many options come with beautiful patterns and designs, which double to provide foot-scraping advantages!

If your home or business has an entryway with wider doors, we definitely recommend the use of a double door doormat. There’s no reason to skimp on protection, especially when a heavy duty door mat is so durable and affordable.  Check out these 15 places that can easily benefit from the use of big door mats!

  1. The Movie Theater
    When new movies premier, people line up to get into the movie theater—and when those doors open people rush to get inside for the bests seats. Having the traction rich surface of a rubberized entryway mat is a good way to keep people on their feet should they stumble, trip, or accidently get pushed.
  1. Restaurants
    With a place that is so much about reputation—from food to service—employing both inside and outside entryway matting can help you keep a clean and professional appearance.
  1. Museums
    This is a place that absolutely needs clean floors. Having an oversized welcome mat that helps capture dirt, grime, and moisture can keep walkways and floors clean of debris, thereby helping to prevent slip and trip accidents.
  1. Libraries
    Seen as a sanctuary, libraries are a place where people escape—both physically and mentally. Ensure the air quality of this location with scrapper surfaced mats, which can help keep up air contaminants out, ensuring the return of booklovers both young and old.
  1. Hospitals
    Big door mats can be used to help keep the floors inside of a hospital clean and safe for patients as well as doctors, nurses, and all other staff members.
  1. Grocery Stores
    Rain or shine, people will often brave harsh weather to get what they need from the grocery store—especially if it’s ice-

cream. Coir, rubber, and blended options are specifically designed to stand up against moisture, snow, and even excessive direct sunlight.

  1. Theme Parks

With their wide welcoming gates, theme parks can make little kids go a little crazy. Employing especially large matting in these entryways is a great way of protecting patrons from tripping, falling over, or even slipping from the many expected spills that may come out of sippy-cups!

  1. Homes

Many houses feature beautiful double doors. The look and design of an oversized welcome mat, made out of coir and backed with rubber or vinyl, is the perfect way to bring a little personal flair to your entryway all while protecting interior flooring.

  1. Kitchen entrances

Not as readily seen as the restaurant entryway, the kitchen entrance is no less important! But this can be a wet and dangerous environment; employing a heavy-duty door mat can help kitchen and delivery staff stay firmly on their feet all while preventing the transfer of dirt, grime, and debris.

Black Color Commercial Entrance Mat, Promotes Safety and Slip-Protection at front porch
Black border with bowtie shaped patterns inside with a man on top of it with blue shoes
  1. Offices
    Regardless of the weather conditions, people have to go to work. Placing a long ribbed entrance mat along your double doors is a great way to scrape away snow, mud, moisture, and other debris so that it isn’t trekked into your office where it could end up causing extensive damage to interior flooring structures.
  1. Retail Stores
    With those super wide sliding doors, retail locations, have to be especially careful that they protect their merchandise from damage. Using a long double door doormat can ensure that even people who normally forget to wipe their feet walk across a surface that will help catch debris.
  1. Residential Complex
    Apartment complexes that feature lobbies and elevators—and other common areas—could definitely benefit from using an easy to care for oversized welcome mat. Requiring little more than a broom to sweep away debris and a moist cloth or mop for more thorough cleanings, these larger matting options will help keep mutual areas clean.
  1. The Zoo
    The zoo is a great place for children and adults alike! But with many exhibits featuring water and therefore making for wet and hazardous flooring situations, the use of a rubberized double door doormat can ensure that people don’t carry moisture out with them, which could result in painful slip accidents.
  1. Transportation Terminals
    With the constant flow of traffic, there is no location that will require a heavy-duty door mat quite as much as transportation terminals. People will be constantly walking in and out of these entryways, meaning that your matting option should be resilient, strong, and able to stand up to the weight and abrasive conditions.
  1. Sport Stadiums
    Like any other location that serves as a center for entertainment, a stadium is going to see a good amount of activity and foot traffic. Big door mats can easily be put to use at entryways that lead into the stadium, along with interior carpeted options to add even more protection. Due to their designs, stadiums tend to lead up, requiring patrons to climb stairs in order to find their seating. The use of rubberized entryway matting can keep patrons safe, while offering a low maintenance but highly durable product.
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