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Welcome Doormats—Flowered Options that are Perfect for Spring!

With spring comes a wonderful renewal of life, as well as the constant sneezing of those poor souls who are afflicted by allergies! That’s right—spring means pollen is going to be thick in the air. But you can protect the air quality inside of your home with the use of decorative doormats. According to the National Safety Council, the average American spends 90% of their time indoors and at least 65% of their time within their homes. While you may think that pollution is worse outside, what with cars, chemicals, huge industrial plants, and even cows adding methane to the mix, you might be shocked to learn that pollution can be up to ten times worse indoors. Welcome doormats can help trap and prevent the transfer of these harmful chemicals and debris, which are often carried on the bottom of people’s shoes. And with spring in full bloom, even the pollen that’s caught on shoes could be prevented from entering your home where it could irritate allergies and complicate breathing for those afflicted with asthma.

Available in beautiful designs, you can spruce up your entryway with a beautiful floral door mat while protecting the interior flooring structure and air quality of your home! Adding curb appeal and functionality to your home has never been simpler, especially when you use a sunburst doormat made out of durable golden-brown coir. Or maybe you want something little more whimsical for your home—in which case a ladybug doormat might be the perfect choice!

Whatever the case may be, when it comes to blending of protection and aesthetic appeal, decorative doormats will not disappoint! Check out these 3 reasons why you should choose bright and colorful matting options now that spring has sprung!

  • Slip Resistance
    First and foremost, the most important application for any entry matting product has to be the fulfillment of safety. Regardless of whether or not your current location enjoys spring showers, moisture can be present even in places that enjoy perfect weather. For example, a broken sprinkler system could leave a puddle just outside your door. The placement of welcome doormats can help prevent loved ones, guests, clients, and even employees from taking a nasty fall due to a slip-and-fall accident. Outdoor selections are available as either fully rubberized or as fully coir, and sometimes as a beautiful blend of the two materials, which results in an even more secure and functional option.
  • Spring Cleaning Help

Second to security, your floral door mat should also provide dirt fighting qualities that will help you keep up with the interior maintenance of your home. When spring comes around and fields are filled with flowers, fresh new grass, and bright green trees—people just have an uncontrollable urge to go run and play. This sort of behavior should never be stifled, although you may feel the urge to do so after you start finding grass, dirt, and mud stains on your interior floors. Welcome mats are specifically designed to catch this sort of debris and moisture before it can make it into your home, thereby preventing the creation of a hazardous environment (such as wet slippery floors) and

    possible damage of flooring structures (such as stains and scratches from debris). And best of all a sunburst doormat that’s made out of coir, or any other of the matting options, won’t be hard to clean! Most mats require little more than a broom with which to sweep debris away, while others can be washed off with a hose or gone over with the vacuum, ensuring simple and comprehensive upkeep.

  • Bright Cheerful Designs
    Last but not least is aesthetic appeal, which is not something you’ll have to give up in order to obtain durability and functionality. Decorative doormats are a great way to brighten up your home, especially after a long and harsh winter. Chase away whatever cold is left lingering from winter with a vibrantly colored floor door mat, which will perfectly match all the blooming flowers in your garden. If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant, then we recommend the beautiful half-moon shape of a sunburst doormat. And if you happen to have little ones around and you want to delight them with something more whimsical a ladybug doormat is a great choice when paired with a snail-shaped scraper to help get rid of all that excess mud after a good long day of bug hunting!
Doormat with welcome message and a field of red daisies
Welcome mat with picture of a garden

Using welcome doormats is an effective way to protect guests, floors, and to add brightness and cheer to any entryway. From an adorable ladybug doormat to vibrantly colored flower mats, we’re certain you’ll find something perfect to help you welcome in spring.

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