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A Designer Door Mat Can Make Any Home Feel Like a Castle!

The world is a wonderful place, although it can at times be filled with complications and difficulties. Getting up and out of the house is a routine most of us follow—whether it’s to go to work, do chores, run errands, or anything else. But at the end of the day, when we come back home, there’s definitely a wonderful relief that we experience because all the hustle and bustle of the day can be, at least for a short while, set aside. Home is where families come together, and it can often feel like our fortress because it’s where we go to rest and where we expect to be safe. And while a home may not really be a castle (seeing as most of us don’t have moats or high towers) sentimentally and emotionally it really is. A designer door mat is a beautiful way to play up the fantasy while adding grace and aesthetic appeal to any entryway. A fleur-de-lis is a very old symbol that is readily recognizable and carries with it all the nobility and elegance associated with French royalty. Therefore fleur-de-lis floor mats are the perfect touch to elevate your home into full castle mode! These French door mats are crafted from a durable material that will add a lovely rustic touch to your front door due to their golden-brown coloring and black hand-stenciled art work.  However, did you know this is actually a floral doormat too? The fleur-de-lis literally translates into “the lily flower.” That’s why the symbol itself appears very much like a stylized flower. However if you’re looking at the symbol and thinking—that doesn’t look very much like a lily, it’s because it’s not! The word for iris used to be lily, and the symbol looks a lot more like an iris than a lily; therefore historians have come to the conclusion that the fleur-de-lis is actually the fleur-de-iris!

Alright—history lesson aside—a designer door mat really is a great investment to make for your home and here are 3 reasons why:

  • Aesthetic Appeal
    The swirling and synthetic design of this beautiful symbol really does conjure up images of knights, noble ladies, kings, and queens. So while it may not give you a moat and a high tower where you can store your riches, it will definitely add a touch of romance and elegant whimsy to your home. Also, because there is some very strong French influence here in the United States, utilizing French door mats is a lovely way to show pride in the intricate heritage that makes Americans so very diverse. In fact, in 2005, Louisiana adopted the fleur-de-lis as the state symbol, so if you happen to be from that state—boy do we have some beautiful doormats for you!
  • Safety & Protection
    Lovely as fleur-de-lis floor mats are, they’re actually pretty hard working too.  These entryway mats provide protection on a number of fronts. First and foremost they’ll protect your guests from potential slip-and-fall accidents by providing them with a traction-rich surface to stand on while waiting for you to open the door. Secondly, the bristled-top of the mat itself provides a scraping surface where guests and loved ones can wipe their feet, helping to ensure that debris such as dirt, grime, mud, gravel and even harsh chemicals get left at the door rather than trekked into your home. Even a few drops of moisture could easily cause a safety hazard if you have hardwood, tile, or linoleum flooring inside. And

    finally, a designer door mat will help you maintain the interior floors of your home clean and damage free! Stuck-on gravel on the bottom of shoes could cause scratches while moisture and mud could ruin carpets.

  • Durability
    Beauty and functionality—you probably didn’t think it was possible! But a floral doormat still has a lot more to offer. These products are also incredibly durable, because they’re made from a very strong material called coir which is derived from carefully treated coconut husks. Coir has been in use for hundreds of years, and is one of the strongest natural materials available. It is also all-weather resistant, which means it will stand up to rain or shine, and even snow! Although your designer door mat may not last as long as the stones used in a castles, you can be certain that they’ll last a good amount of time while remaining highly functional and beautiful.
Door Mat with welcome sign in many languages
Doormats with a Simple Request, "Wipe Your Feet!"

Your home really should be your castle, and with stunning fleur-de-lis floor mats it can be! These French door mats carry a lot of history that will make them as intellectually interesting as they are visually appealing. This floral doormat is a great choice if you want to utilize a stylized version of a flower without ending up with a full-fledged garden at your doorstep!

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