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Door Mats and All of Their Amazing Safety Applications!

Whether in the home or in the workplace, one of the main reasons all-weather mats are employed is because they are tremendously functional. They are a great way to keep debris from entering the interior of buildings, which can help people save quite a bit of money on costly floor repairs, cleanings, and replacements. Some people just find the perfect doormat design—which fits their sense of humor or aesthetic sensibilities flawlessly. And although these are perfectly valid and great reasons to use matting in your entrance way, there’s still another reason, which we feel is even more important!

Did you know that all-weather mats also have extraordinary safety applications? Entrance matting products are a great way to increase visibility, traction, and grip, which are all huge

factors to consider when it comes to your home or business’s front or back entryway. An indoor doormat rug can be the perfect accent piece to pull a little bit of your interior décor onto the front of your building and all while providing further security and protection to guests—whether they are friends, family, or customers.

See for yourself—examine these 5 safety applications that make all-weather mats a great addition to all safety regimes.

• Resistant to Slips
Whether you have guests coming over for a special occasion or to celebrate the holidays—there’s nothing like a fall and serious injury to put a damper in everyone’s festive mood. While the doormat design is pretty important (I’ll be the first to admit it!), you definitely want to make sure that you’re not trading aesthetics for functionality. Believe it or not your mats primary purpose should be safety—particularly if it’s going to be used in outdoor applications. Imagine your grandmother or grandfather coming up the stairs with a pile of presents in their arms; they may not have a clear view of where they’re standing, especially if they’re waiting for you to open the door. An indoor doormat rug can be an oasis of security for guests while they wait, by providing them with a safe place to stand, especially in wet or icy weather conditions.

• Removal of Debris
Another source of danger that all-weather mats can significantly reduce is debris. Although fine-grain sand, dirt, mud, and gravel are all very detrimental to interior cleanliness of any building, they can also cause an area to become highly hazardous. Any sort of debris that reduces the traction and grip of a surface is a huge danger—especially inside your home where that sort of thing wouldn’t even be expected. People may walk around more liberally, faster, without paying attention to their surroundings because they trust that sand and dirt won’t be inside your home, this will make a slip and fall accident almost inevitable! But a doormat of high quality will actively work to combat the transfer of this sort of rubbish.

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• Inhibits the spread of Moisture
Wet floors are one of the main causes of slip and fall accidents! This risk isn’t only present during wet or icy weather conditions—think of any time there’s water runoff onto sidewalks, including your own sprinkler system or after you’ve washed your car in the driveway. If people have to walk over these areas then you can be sure they are going to be trekking into your home with moisture on the soles of their shoes. It only takes a few drops of water, or any other liquid, to turn a perfectly secure surface into a hazard zone. By employing all-weather mats both outside as well as inside of a door you cover your bases and can greatly increase your chances of capturing all that moisture.

• Clearly Denotes an Entrance
Whatever doormat design you choose—being that there really is quite a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors—this is a product that will help you clearly denote entrances and exits. Now, you may be thinking that a door already does this in the first place, and you’re probably right, but all-weather mats can also help show people where to stand to be identified through a peephole or when the door is being opened. Within your home it can help little children and older adults remember which door leads out—so that they don’t end up in the closet or bathroom (don’t laugh—this has happened to me).

• Resistance to Mildew and Mold
Now this quality is completely dependent on the sort of all-weather mats you choose to utilize. Rubber or rubber-backed products are a great way to combat the growth of mold and mildew that tends to happen more frequently in cloth based matting—especially those exposed to excessive moisture. With more and more people in the United States suffering from allergies and other breathing problems, it’s wise to use an indoor doormat rug that doesn’t negatively affect the quality of your air.

There you have it—5 necessary safety applications that all-weather mats are perfectly suited to provide!

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