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Entrance Mats—Slip Resistant Safety for Guests and Clients

There are a number of issues that could cause the interior flooring of your business location to become hazardous. These risks could come as a result of natural as well as manmade complications—bad weather conditions, construction, or faulty plumbing. For example, rain could lead to guests and employees accidently trekking in mud and moisture, while heavy construction could cause the introduction of debris like gravel, dirt, and grime. All of these factors could lead to costly repercussions, like professional cleaning and replacement costs, but the worst consequence by far is if someone were to take a nasty fall and end up seriously hurt. Not only does this have the potential to cost you a lot of money but as a small or large business the protection of your clients, guests, and customers should be very important.

With many entryway flooring ideas out there you may be a bit overwhelmed with what choice is best for your needs. Rubberized entrance mats are great because of their durability; ease of maintenance, and affordability—and of course their safety applications. Even available as commercial entrance rugs, this particular matting option will offer moisture absorbent qualities as well as other safety solutions. A commercial door mat is very simply a great way to bring a number of important benefits to your business location—most importantly added safety in the face of adverse situations.

Check out these 4 safety applications that make the use of entrance mats a good idea for any and all business locations.

  • Natural Grip
    If you go with a rubberized commercial door mat then you’ll be gaining rubber’s natural high coefficient of friction in your battle against potential slip-and-fall accidents. Because having more friction means you’ll need more energy to get something moving, you can count on a rubberized mat to help prevent falls that might happen as a result of an accidental push, a trip, or a stumble. A surface that offers friction will create a stronger bond between shoes (and the people wearing them) and the surface on which they walk upon. This will help ensure that they’ll be able to maintain surer footing; this can be especially useful when you consider how absentminded people can be when they’re moving from one surface to another (like when they cross the threshold of a door). Having this quality as a natural part of your flooring is a great first step toward protecting guests in wet or dry environments!
  • Traction

Traction should not be confused with grip! Traction is an added benefit that paired with a naturally high coefficient of friction is going to create an excellent slip resistant surface—especially in the presence of moisture. Many entrance mats come with richly designed surfaces that, apart from creating an interesting pattern, also serve to create a powerful traction surface. The raised or indented surface of a mat can make all the difference in safeguarding the footing of guests, customers, and clients when it comes to excessively wet conditions.

  • Prevention of Moisture
    Although a rubberized mat can help catch moisture and mud, employing commercial entrance rugs just within the threshold of your door can be a smart way to cover all your bases. Having patrons walk over a carpeted surface is a good way to ensure that moisture is removed so that it doesn’t find its way to your floors. These carpeted options are made with durable synthetic fibers and backed with rubber or 100% vinyl, which helps the mat stay firmly in place.
Black Color Commercial Entrance Mat, Promotes Safety and Slip-Protection man standing
Black color Reclaimed Safety Rubber Mat Improves Traction and Resilience man standing
  • Prevention of Debris
    Any entryway flooring ideas that are worth their salt will deal with not only moisture but with the removal of debris, which could be a huge and dangerous hazard.  A good commercial door mat will offer some protection against the introduction of foreign material, such as dirt and gravel which could make any floor uncomfortable and more prone to cause trip-and-fall accidents.

Rubber offers many entryway flooring ideas—from rubber backed carpet and coir to fully rubberized selections—all of which are highly durable and effective options for the removal of dirt, moisture, and grime! Whether you need outside entrance mats or indoor commercial entrance rugs, this flooring option is a great way to bring security to your place of business.

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