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What can a Personalized Mat Say About You?

From the color of your homes walls to the type of foliage you choose to use in your front yard—nearly everything in your home says something about you. Even people who don’t do much to keep up with the maintenance of their home will find themselves making a statement regarding the way they live and what they value as important. But if you’re anything like me, then you probably put some pretty serious consideration into small and large choices that might affect how loved ones, guests, and strangers view your home. A stunning, handcrafted personalized mat is an absolutely magnificent addition to any entryway, which won’t just add curb-appeal but will also speak volumes about you personally. Monogrammed welcome mats give away a lot more than your initials—they also speak about the care and love that you have for your home. And these beautifully personalized entrance mats with their hand-stenciled designs and elaborate lettering also make a bold statement about good taste! But another very important quality that will reflect positively on you is the fact that monogrammed coir doormats heavily employ the use of natural and ecologically friendly materials.

Check out these 4 things that a personalized mat can say about you!

  • Living Green
    Monogrammed coir doormats are made with the use of one of the strongest natural materials available. Coir, which is derived from coconut husks, is strong, resilient, and long lasting and completely natural! This material has been used for many hundreds of years as ropes and even as mattress stuffing! But apart from its ecologically friendly standing, because this material needs so little treatment it is also very affordable. Even the hand-stenciled design upon these personalized entrance mats is derived from natural sources. Living an ecological responsible life can be difficult—but there are little choices you can make that will have a resounding impact.
  • Impeccable Taste
    Not only is coir an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly product—it’s also remarkably beautiful. This material has a golden-brown coloration to it, which lends itself to a rustic feel that would be well paired with naturally cut stone, tile, and wood

entryways. Monogrammed welcome mats come in two distinctively different designs. One features a much cleaner and professional appearance with an initial featured in crisp font surrounded by simple and angular framing that employs lines of varying gauges. The second design is more elaborate with curving lines and a busier but still elegant diamond-patterned field. With this style the initial is framed in a circle that features tiny blooming designs and a far more elaborate outward frame that resembles an older style.

  • Individuality
    When it comes to personal flair people tend to pick distinctly different ways of showing off their individuality. A personalized mat can come in a variety of styles and offers quite a few different graphic designs—all aimed to aid an individual in his or her quest to the perfect entryway matting! The thing about monogrammed welcome mats is that they offer a more subtle elegance than other options and are more stylized for a mature audience than some of the cute or trendier options. Using one of these fine mats is a great way to show off your own personal sense of aesthetics, not to mention the use of a first or last name initial will definitely add a very individual and unique touch.
Door Mat with welcome sign in many languages
Doormats with a Simple Request, "Wipe Your Feet!"
  • Consumer Smarts
    Personalized entrance mats are a lot more than just a pretty decoration. These mats are also hardworking! Often times, consumers may feel that they have to make a choice between aesthetics, quality, and functionality. You won’t have to do that with monogrammed coir doormats because they effortlessly blend all three of those things together. These mats are perfectly suited for a diverse range of environments and abrasive situations. Due to their rich bristled-surface, which catches and traps dirt, muck, and moisture they’ll also protect interior flooring structures. Very simply put, purchasing one of these mats is a great investment.

A personalized mat, whether you’re getting it for yourself or as a gift, truly is a wonderful choice when it comes to entryway matting. Resilient, affordable, ecologically friendly, and absolutely beautiful—there’s very little these mats don’t have!

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