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Door Mats: The Answer For Your Entryway

Whether you’re looking for an indoor commercial entry mat or a typical outdoor door mat for your home, Floor Mat Company has a doormat answer for your entry. Our rubber and natural fiber door mats are safe, affordable door mat solutions! These home and commercial mats are made with slip-resistant materials and abrasive surface textures. Get excellent shoe scraping quality, anti-slip safety, and interior floor protection that will never go out of style!

We offer a variety of recycled rubber and natural fiber scraper mats for commercial and residential entryways. Our smaller scraper doormats for homes are designed to scour dirt and mud from shoes, preventing interior floor damage year round. Or, if you’re searching for the right commercial doormat, our rubber door scrapers and colorful carpet mats are perfect for larger areas! These tough rubber door mats are equipped with raised surface textures that will scrape mud from heavy foot traffic and keep debris off of slippery floors.

As a result, our door mats also offer great slip resistance and protection in entrance way of all sizes. Every one of our floor mats, from our large commercial entrance mat to our small coco mats, adds friction to wet areas.

Protect your visitors and your interior floors with durable scraper mats and other anti-slip door mats! Call us now at (866) 378-5679, or email your questions to!

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