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A Rubber Entrance Mat—6 Commercial Locations That Need One!

Although a rubber entrance mat is a great addition to your home as part of your safety and cleaning regimen, it’s also well suited for commercial use. Especially because many of these beautiful mats come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they can easily be doubled up to produce a wider area of coverage. And due to the nature of a commercial location, such as higher and denser foot traffic, recycled tire door mats, made from reclaimed automobile tires, are the perfect choice due to their durability and resilience. One need only think of the sort of environments that tires are designed to withstand, in order to fully grasp the toughness of these recycled products! Tires are exposed to constant corrosive sunlight, excessive moisture, snow, and uneven or rough terrains. This is the same strength that is directly inherited by these products. Also, with rubber being a water-resistant material, cleanup will be very easy with these rubber outdoor door mats! Requiring little more than a broom with sweep away debris, a good shake, or, depending on the product a water hose if a more thorough cleaning is ever required, these mats will give you many benefits with little upkeep needed. And with a multitude of available styles, ranging from beautiful rubber and coir blends to purely rubberized and intricately styled cast iron door mat designs, there is something to fit any environment.

Due to the constant flow of traffic in and out of commercial buildings and ever-changing weather conditions, aesthetic and functional qualities of these recycled door mats will come secondary to the safety benefits they provide—such as slip resistance and interior flooring protection. Check out these 6 commercial locations that should definitely be employing a rubber entrance mat at their front, side, or back doors!

  1. Banks

Banks are one of the only locations that most of the population share in common. I am certain that nearly everyone you know has a bank account. And although there are new and innovative ways to bank—such as banking through your smart phone or computer—chances are you and everyone else will still have to stop by a financial institution every now and then. With banks often boasting lovely polished tile floors, providing a slip resistant surface, like one offered by a rubber surface, can help people smoothly transition from the outside to the inside without missing a beat. And to help maintain the highly professional atmosphere of such a location, a rubber entrance mat will be easy to keep clean and neat looking.

  1. Transportation Stations

Nowhere are people quite as clueless as they are in a transportation station (maybe it has to do with jetlag?). Be it a bus station or an airport, by setting down rubber entrance mats outside of entryways, these locations can prevent the transfer of debris into their terminals, which could end up causing dangerous slip-and-fall hazards.

  1. Beauty & Spa

Any location where people are going to relax and pamper themselves should also adhere to people’s senses of aesthetics. While a rubberized mat will help keep this particular location clean of dirt, grime, moisture, and other debris, if something like a cast iron door mat is used, then it will also add a touch of elegance!

  1. Shopping

Regardless of what you’re selling, making sure your goods remain clean and undamaged is the best way to ensure good sale numbers. Dust and dirt are two of the main reasons that electronics malfunction, and the use of a rubber entrance mat can help control what gets trekked in.

  1. Groceries

Imagine walking out of a grocery store juggling your bags, trying to hold on to your kids, or just trying to steer your shopping cart full of food—or imagine walking into a grocery store where puddles of water aren’t so readily visible. Not only will a scraper type mat help control the transfer of moisture, muck, and debris, but it could also allow people to take a moment to catch their breaths. The rubberized surface of a welcome mat is supple and elastic, acting as an oasis for people to stand on while they secure their hold on bags, children, and shopping carts. And because grocery stores are so busy and shopping carts with varying degrees of weight are constantly rolled over their floors, using rubber outdoor door mats is a great way to ensure that you’re using a product that will be up to the task.

Black color Reclaimed Safety Rubber Mat Improves Traction and Resilience man standing
Black Color Commercial Entrance Mat, Promotes Safety and Slip-Protection man standing
  1. Restaurants/Nightlife

Nowhere is security more important than in a restaurant or a bar (or any place that sells alcohol). When people are among friends, after a few drinks, they tend to lose their inhibitions. It is at this point when providing the added security of a slip resistance rubber entrance mat is going to be absolutely invaluable. And because restaurants and bars are so much about reputation, especially based on aesthetics, the use of something as elaborate and beautiful as a cast iron door mat would be particularly useful. But unlike real iron which is heavy and difficult to clean, rubberized matting will not rust and can easily be picked up and moved. A rubber entrance mat will fit in perfectly anywhere and require minimal upkeep.

The use of a rubber entrance mat (or any other option of door mats) is a great boon to these and other commercial locations.

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