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Large Door Mats—5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Them

From grocery stores to corporate office buildings, entryways can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but more often than not you’ll find that front doors are large and well suited to encompass customers, clients, visitors, and guests. Unfortunately any and all entryways that lead into your building are gateways through which messes and damaging material can easily be carried through, but none more so than entrances that host the most foot traffic. So while all entryways should be protected by large door mats, you may be less inclined to employ this sort of matting at your main entrance for fear that it will not be suitable or aesthetically appropriate. But fear not! Doormats for double doors and other wider and larger applications are available in stunning designs and styles as well as interior carpeted options that come in rich and vibrant colors. Also available as long door mats, many of these options can be used to cover a lengthier entrance area, so as to create a runner of sorts. And because a large rubber doormat will often employ the use of recycled material, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a durable and affordable product that will offer a multitude of advantages, from safety applications to interior flooring protection. When made from coir, the product is cut from a long roll; therefore the size of the large door mats will be a function of your need and not what has been molded.

Here are our 5 reasons why you should be using large door mats in your place of work. From fully coir to fully rubberized options and even a blend of the two, all of these matting options are specifically designed to be resilient while maintaining a professional appearance.

  • Slip Resistance
    Ingenuity and entrepreneurship are staples of American culture! For that reason you’ll be hard pressed to find any one location in the U.S. that doesn’t play host to a multitude of different businesses—from very common place mom-and-pop shops to more industrialized factories. And as diverse as the businesses are, so are the environments where they can be found. For that reason, a large rubber doormat is the ideal choice when it comes to outdoor entryway matting. Rubber is resistant to water and with the textured surface that is often found on the mats, it is perfectly suited to be a slip resistant flooring option. This can be a particularly important quality in places that see a lot of rain or snowfall. But rubber isn’t the only suitable material. Eco-friendly coir is also a great all-weather material that is often employed in the creation of doormats for double doors. Coir also offers a textured surface, which will help employees, guests, clients, and customers stay on their feet when they’re walking in from abrasive weather conditions.
  • Interior Flooring Protection
    Unfortunately, not everyone remembers to wipe their feet. This can mean that moisture, dirt, mud, and gravel can easily be trekked into buildings. These sorts of materials will cause messes and even damage that could necessitate costly repair and replacement costs.  Remember, just a few drops of moisture can make nearly any hard surface like hardwood, tile, or linoleum into a hazardous surface. Using long door mats outside of your entryway will ensure that people will spend more time walking over the richly textured surface and removing more of the debris they are carrying with them. Using large door mats with carpeted surfaces in your interior entryway can help you cover all your bases by offering one last place to catch any debris that managed to make it through the threshold.
  • Resilience

A large rubber doormat is an incredibly durable product, even when it’s put to work in significantly harsh and abrasive conditions. This is in large part due to the fact that recycled material is used in the production of these products. The main source of material for these recycled products is discarded tires, which really goes a long way to show why these mats are so resilient. If you consider the sort of environments that automobile tires are designed to stand up against—constant exposure to sunlight, excessive moisture, snow, rough or uneven roads, then it makes perfect sense why rubberized doormats for double doors are so strong.

    backed with rubber or vinyl, carpeted matting carries with it slip resistant capabilities that make it well suited for safety applications. A large rubber doormat can feature a number of patterns, from deep ridges to scraper-like bristles, which won’t only help to catch moisture, dirt, and debris but also make interesting and intricate focal points.

  • Ease of Maintenance
    Although these large door mats will be working hard for you and your business that doesn’t mean they’ll require very much in the way of upkeep. Doormats for double doors are designed to be easy to maintain—requiring little more than a broom to brush off debris with (some options, like carpet and coir can even be run over by the vacuum) and a damp mop for more thorough cleanings. And with a large rubber doormat you can even use the hose to wash it off!
Black matt speckled with a blue soccerball on top

Convenient to use and with a wide range of useful and essential advantages, large door mats are simply something your business cannot do without—especially if it has customers, clients, and guests who are coming in and out!

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