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Welcome Door Mat—A Good Way to Help Keep Your Kid’s Room Clean

There’s no greater sense of accomplishment for a parent as when they see their child leave the nest and begin their own journey toward self-fulfillment. This often takes place right after high school graduation, when kids have made their final choice on where they’ll be attending college—and specifically when parents begin to help pack and unpack furniture, clothing, and every other thing that their child will need to be successful. However young adults don’t always have the necessary skills to properly survive, so as parents, we’re always available for advice or help. One particular area that young adults seem to be lacking in is how to properly care for their own personal space. Without mom and dad around to remind them to do laundry, take out the garbage, or do the dishes, their dorm room or apartment can get pretty messy pretty fast. A great housewarming gift to give your new college student is a welcome door mat, although we’re sure they may look at you a little funny! Where they might be expecting some extra spending money, a cool welcome mat—complete with witty sayings and interesting designs—will be a much better gift. Available in a wide range of designs, such as unusual doormats with funny or rude messages, these durable and affordable mats will help your college student keep a tidier living space by helping to catch debris and moisture before it enters the premise.

So whether you’re looking for cute doormats or something a bit more edgy and artsy—with all the available designs, we’re certain you’ll find something perfect for your college kiddo. But if you’re still not quite convinced how a welcome door mat will help your student keep their apartment or dorm room clean then consider these 5 points.

  • Keeping Debris at the Door
    Even if you happen to employ funny or unusual doormats that doesn’t mean they should behave in an unusual way. Entryway mats will normally feature a texture rich surface that won’t only help to prevent slip and fall accidents, but will actually work to catch and trap tiny fragments of dirt and grime. This material, if left free to roam the interior space of a dorm or apartment, can lead to staining and damaging inner flooring structures. For example, tiny pieces of gravel that get caught on the soles of shoes can easily scratch hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors—not to mention getting stuck inside of the carpet, leaving it dirty and dangerous to bare feet.
  • Prevention of Moisture
    Apart from serving as a way of capturing debris, the surface of your mat should also help scrape off and remove moisture. Even if you’re using adorable and cute doormats, they should still be hard at work to prevent the transfer of dirty ground moisture, a leading cause of front entryway carpet stains. But don’t forget, even a few drops of moisture on a smooth flooring finish can create a very dangerous safety hazard. And with college kids usually being pretty lost in their newfound philosophical contemplations—you can’t always trust that they’ll be very aware of their environments. Help them avoid taking a nasty fall with entryway matting.
  • Improve Air Quality

The dust in your home (whether it’s a dorm, apartment, or house) can be composed of a pretty disgusting cocktail of things: insect fragments, pollen, animal dander, cigarette ash, lead dust, pesticides, and many other things. According to Pamela R. Turner a professor at Georgia University, “around 30-40 percent of the contaminants inside your home are brought in from outdoors. They can enter your home on your shoes, clothing, or your pets can track them in on their paws and fur. Not surprisingly, the greatest concentration of household dust is found in carpeting near the entryway.” Placing a welcome door mat at the entrance of your home is a great way to control and improve the air quality inside of your living space.

  • Easy Upkeep
    Regardless of style, from a very cute to a very cool welcome mat, the best way to keep your front entryway matting working in tip-top shape is to keep it clean. This is especially true if you see a lot of rain or snow and of course just over the normal passage of time as debris accumulates.   Entry mats, whether they’re made from coir, rubber, or a blend, are remarkably easy to maintain. They’ll require little more than a broom in order to sweep off debris, although a vacuum can be run over it with similar results. And for a more through cleanings a damp cloth or mop can be easily employed.
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  • Ice Breaker
    Being in a dorm hall with a bunch of strangers can be pretty stressful and can quickly lead to feelings of homesickness and isolation. A cool welcome mat can be a great ice breaker, especially if it features a funny or rude message. This little mat can be a great place to showcase some humor, and to invite friendly banter and conversation among strangers—the first step to some great lasting friendships. But it’s also a great way to help ensure that the interior of your student’s home stays neat, tidy, and perfect for studying.

Regardless the aesthetic sensibilities of your college aged kid, whether they need cute doormats or something a little more unique like the designs and messages found on unusual doormats, we’re certain that coir, rubber, or a mix of the materials is the perfect answer to your needs. A welcome door mat won’t just help your student break the ice and make friends, but it will help them keep a clean home, which can promote a good studying space that’s healthy and happy.

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