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Welcome Door Mats—5 Christmas Styles to Show off Your Holiday Spirit!

Nothing lets me know that the holidays are upon us like the sight of people starting to decorate their homes. One by one, the houses in my neighborhood spring to life in a dazzling array of reds, golds, greens, and so many other vibrant and cheerful colors. Bright ropes of lights are hung from gutters and lush green wreaths are placed upon doors—yup it’s definitely beginning to feel like Christmas! If you happen to be the sort of person who loves to dress up their home for the holidays, then we urge you not to forget your entryway flooring! Along with big bright bows, giant toy soldiers, carefully potted poinsettias, and any other creative decoration you can think of for your front door, Christmas mats will definitely be a great addition. Using a holiday door mat is simply a lovely way to add a whimsical touch your Christmas décor, especially with some of the creative choices that are available. Welcome door mats definitely don’t have to be boring, though they can remain functional and durable even when outfitted for the holidays. Elegant door mats can bring a bold touch of red—while more kid friendly mats can feature a cheerful Santa or a cool polar bear.


This type of holiday door mat is often made from coir with a rubber or vinyl backing that ensures they have anti-slip resistance with the subflooring. Coir is carefully treated coconut fiber (attained from the husk of the coconut fruit), which is then expertly woven and used to make extremely resilient all-weather mats and scrapers. These creative matting options are also durable, tough, and perfectly suited for harsh weather conditions. So not only will they offer your home a good dose of holiday cheer, they’ll also offer a slip resistant surface and protection to your interior flooring structures.

Check out these five popular styles of Christmas mats! With this wide range of designs, we’re certain you’ll find the perfect choice for your home.

  • Kid Friendly
    A whimsical holiday door mat, such as one that features a jolly looking Santa, is the perfect choice for any home that has children in it. Really any place that sees children would greatly benefit from one of these welcome door mats—such as a pediatrician’s office, a dentist, or a toy store! And if you have enough little ones running around, we’re pretty certain they’ll be trekking in a fair share of dirt, grime, and even snow. Luckily these mats are easy to clean, requiring little more than a good shake, sweep of the broom, or even a quick run over with the vacuum.
  • Elegant
    If you’re more concerned with a sophisticated portrayal for your entryway then we recommend the use of elegant door mats. One popular design

features a vivid red field upon which a slender-limbed reindeer pulls a sleigh. With delicately curved antlers and details, this definitely has an artsy edge to it that will do well in any elegant setting.

  • Clever
    Maybe you’re more interested in being funny and clever? Some holiday themed welcome door mats come with truly clever designs that are sure to delight your guests when they come knocking at your door. Imagine a rectangle shaped mat with a carefully stenciled design that mimics the flowing ribbons of a gift ready to be opened! This is sure to cause a moment, however brief, of admiration for your good humor.
Holiday Door Mats with a Modern Aesthetic
  • Cool
    If you’re fortunate enough—or maybe unfortunate enough—to live in a place that sees no snow, then a mat featuring a polar bear or a snowy night will help remind you of what you’re missing! Featuring polar bears and reindeer, these snowy mats are also perfectly suited for a place that does in fact see a lot of snow! Coir fiber is a great all-weather material with a structure that is perfectly suited to catch and capture snow, therefore preventing it from being brought into your home where it could create a safety hazard.
  • Non-Denominational
    Now, although we’ve spent a lot of time talking about Christmas mats, it may also be the case that you don’t celebrate this particular holiday, or it may just be that you don’t wish to declare any specific denomination. With a holiday door mat that offers no specific reference to any particular celebration—you can still bring a bit of the brightness to your entryway.

Whether you’re looking for funny or more elegant door mats, we’re certain that you’ll find something that will perfectly fit your needs. These welcome door mats are a great investment that can easily be put away and then brought back out each year when the holiday seasons come around.

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