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Rubber Tile Flooring Changes any Room into a Safe, Comfortable Area

Updated: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

Rubber tile flooring can effectively breathe life back into any old, beat up surface. The simple addition of rubber flooring mats directly on top of your current surfacing will provide brand new flooring that is both comfortable and visually appealing. Rubber mats for floors are also thick and soft, providing an easy way to protect your current surfacing from damage and wear. Eco-Sport rubber floor squares, like those seen in the video, come in a variety of colors, allowing you to personalize your home rubber flooring to your liking. Rubber floor squares are also very cost effective and easy to install, making this the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their floors in a simple DIY project.

“DIY to the rescue” is a program on the DIY network with the purpose of showing viewers worthwhile DIY projects that are both cost effective and simple. In the excerpt from the program shown above in the video, hosts Amy Devers and Karl Champley help an artist tackle a flooring issue in her studio. The artist’s floor is made from old hardwood that has splintered and become uneven over time. It is extremely unappealing to the eye and also dangerous to her young son Eli who voices his disapproval, “I can’t play in here with my bare feet because I might get a splinter.” So in the search for an easy and cost-effective DIY solution to this flooring issue, “DIY to the rescue” turned to rubber flooring mats for a new surface.

The installation and implementation of T.J.’s new home rubber flooring is made extremely simple with the use of Eco-Sport rubber floor squares. The simplicity of this installation is documented in the above video. There is no surface prep involved as Amy, Karl, and T.J. begin laying down their first tile in the corner of the room. Since each rubber tile is equipped with predrilled holes for the inserting of interlocking pins, assembly is really easy and requires no other tool or adhesive besides a rubber mallet. Simply insert the interlocking pins halfway into one of your rubber flooring mats and attach to any adjacent tile by pushing the remaining half of the connector pin into the receiving hole of the second tile. As evidenced by the video, this process is extremely painless and only needs a couple swings from the rubber mallet to secure the tiles together. When it comes to the end of this home rubber flooring project, chances are it won’t be a perfect fit, like in T.J’s case on “DIY to the rescue,” but as you can see from the video, trimming these tiles with a utility knife to make a perfect fit is a cinch. Trim your rubber flooring mats to the designated size for a perfect fitting floor every time.

Eco-Sport tiles are available in Coal, Light Blue, Terra Cotta, and Green so you can bring life to any room by selecting one of these vibrant colors or mix and match like T.J. did in her studio. Choosing the thickness of your rubber tile is the last decision you have to make as Eco-Sport interlocking rubber flooring mats are available in three-quarter and one-inch thicknesses. Save time and money with this easy DIY project and revamp your floor today!

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