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Resilient Flooring Installation in a Gym

Updated: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

Athletes wear certain shoes designed for particular functions, such as running, basketball, baseball, etc. Depending on the requirements of the activity, shoes are generally designed to fulfill a specific purpose, but most importantly, to provide comfort and protection for athletes. In the very same way that athletic shoes provide these critical functions, proper exercise floor mats are also necessary.

You do not need to be an athlete to understand the importance of providing sufficient support for your joints, bones and muscles. Whether you are an athlete or a gym junkie, understanding the importance of proper support is imperative to maximizing physical activity and preventing risk to injury. Having proper fitness flooring is just as crucial for safe and efficient exercise as having appropriate workout gear. This is why resilient flooring installation and use in gyms is almost a must.

If you are looking for the perfect flooring for a home gym, Floor Mat Company (a Rubber-Cal Brand) offers excellent rubber flooring options (rolls or tiles) for home and commercial gyms. All of our rubberized flooring products are easy to install and DIY-capable. Our wide variety of resilient flooring installation has been documented in many show like “The Biggest Loser” and “ESPN’s Rise Up!”

To see just how easy it is to install our rubber flooring, watch as the crew from “The Biggest Loser” demonstrates this application step-by-step.

You will need the following materials:

  • Protective Gloves
  • Knee Pads
  • Broom
  • Utility Knife
  • T-square Ruler
  • Measuring Tape
  • Double-sided Carpet Tape

Before you begin, it is important to clear away the subsurface area where you will be laying out the rubber flooring for your home gym. Removing any unnecessary excess from the subsurface will not only ensure a cleaner application, but the rubber flooring will stick more securely to the exterior below.

The next step requires attention to detail. After making your measurements, you will line the marked areas with double-sided tape. For this step, it is important to take your time and carefully lay down the tape. Whether it is rubber flooring rolls or tiles, the tape must be positioned correctly to guarantee that the flooring will stick securely to the surface underneath. The tape will also act as a visual guideline for where your rubber flooring will go.

Now, it is time for the fun part– unrolling your rubber flooring! When installing the rubber flooring, you will see how the tape helps guide the accurate position of the rubber flooring.

Once the rolls have been properly laid out, it is time to secure it to the subsurface by peeling away the protective layer of the double-sided tape. As you peel away the protective layer, it is essential to press down on the edges of the rubber flooring to even out any inconsistencies. Again, doing this will result in a cleaner and more professional-looking application.

Our rubberized fitness flooring and exercise floor mats are a great way to protect people, floors and equipment from high-impact physical activity. We offer a variety of rubber flooring products that are cost effective, highly functional and easy to install. Rubber resilient flooring installation is an easy to manage DIY task that can be preformed by almost anyone. Our specialized gym flooring products are made with an assortment of materials such as synthetic, recycled and natural rubber. You can use the rubber flooring on all types of applications, such as plywood, hardwood, concrete, asphalt, tile, stone and linoleum.

Having proper fitness flooring and exercise floor mats will benefit your physical activities in a number of ways. With the right fitness flooring and exercise floor mats, your comfort level and protection will increase. As a result, you will have reduced risk to injury and maximized physical activity. If you are still deciding whether to invest in flooring for a home gym, consider the following notion. Exercise equipments are generally heavy. After a long period of time, the weight of some of the equipments will create dents and impressions in your floor. To prevent this, investing in the right flooring for a home gym is a great long-term investment.

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