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The Biggest Loser “Z Cycle” Equipment Mats

Published: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

The Biggest Loser is an international hit reality show airing on NBC. The show looks to educate its audience about the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet can have on a person’s lifestyle. The show’s contestants are highly motivated to lose weight, not only with the opportunity to win a large cash prize, but the opportunity to turn their lives around for the better. On Season 14, the show utilized Rubber-Cal’s “Z Cycle” equipment mats to outfit their gym’s flooring, continuing the show’s long-standing relationship with the company. And it’s no wonder that The Biggest Loser continues to use Rubber-Cal’s products, because the installation of our equipment flooring is incredibly easy. Watch as the installation of this rolled rubber flooring is outlined in this video, so that you can install it like a professional!

Before installing this rolled protection mat, it is essential to make sure you have all of the essential equipment. For this installation, you’ll only need a simple set of tools to complete the project:

1.Utility knife to cut the equipment mats,

2.Protective gloves and kneepads for your own safety,

3.Broom to clear the floor of debris

4.T-square rule to ensure the equipment flooring is cut straight.

With all of the equipment acquired, you are now ready to begin the installation of the “Z Cycle” rolled rubber flooring.

The first step is clearing the floor of debris and outlining the placement of the equipment flooring. Use the broom to brush away any dirt or debris that may be on the floor and then use the double-side sticky tape to outline where you are going to place the rubber protection mat. Once the desired placement has been outlined you can un-roll the “Z Cycle” flooring on top of the tape outline. Once the flooring has been placed, remove the top layer of the sticky tape to bond the rolled rubber flooring to the subfloors. Any excess tape you have can be placed on the floor for to provide your mats with extra security.

Once you have begun placing the equipment flooring, you may find that additional flooring may be necessary to cover the length of the room. In this situation, you will need to seam two rolls of equipment mats together. To do this you need to use a t-square ruler and utility knife to cut the flooring. When cutting through the “Z Cycle” mats, you will find that it is very thick and requires that you score the mat. Repeatedly cut along the t-square ruler to ensure that a straight line is formed and then place the newly-cut mat along the laid protection mat. Repeat this process until the entire gym flooring is covered in the “Z Cycle” flooring to ensure that the mats are smoothly laid and evenly aligned. It is important to make sure the flooring is smoothly laid out because bumps in the flooring can create a safety hazard and the smooth lay out is ideal for an aesthetic appearance.

The “Z cycle” flooring is ideal for both professional and personal gym flooring. These equipment mats serve as an elastic barrier between the gym equipment and the foundation below the protection mat. The rubber design of the material absorbs the stress that is caused in the use of heavy-duty gym equipment like weights and exercise machines. An added benefit for situations where sound can be an issue, the flooring also provides sound resistance so less noise can travel rooms located below the gym. Also, the elastic properties of the flooring make the gym equipment perfect for machines with heavy movement like treadmills and elliptical exercise machines. The floor will absorb vibrations created by these machines and effectively extend the lifetime operation of the machines by reducing wear and tear caused by extensive use.

This how-to step-by-step video is a perfect guide on the installation and the benefits of our “Z Cycle” rolled rubber flooring. By following the guidelines presented in this video you can install equipment flooring in a professional sized gym like the one seen in The Biggest Loser or a personal room sized gym suitable for both heavy weights and exercise machines.

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