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Homeowners Love Rubber Floor Tiles on Run My Renovation

Published: Santa Ana, Calif., November 1, 2013

Popular DIY Network series, Run My Renovation, recently featured Rubber-Cal’s outdoor rubber flooring in their latest home improvement project. The rubber floor tiles were used as comfort flooring for a newly built pavilion. Soft and durable, these tiles make an excellent outdoor rubber floor option for outside areas, such as backyards, patios and decks.

Similar to other home improvement series, Run My Renovation takes a room and transforms it into a new and improved space. Unlike other landscaping and interior design shows, Run My Renovation requires the homeowner to render all decision-making to the hosts, John DeSilvia and Joanie Dodds. But that’s not all. All decisions pertaining to customization details such as flooring, fixtures, cabinets, cook tops, moldings, mantelpieces and even wall colors are voted online by the viewers.

In this episode, DeSilvia and Dodds come to the rescue of homeowners, Tim and Sharon, who want to make an outdoor entertainment area in their plain, yet promising backyard. DeSilvia and Dodds decide to make a pavilion complete with a dining table, grilling equipment and proper outdoor rubber flooring.

Three rubber floors options were presented to Tim and Sharon. For this home improvement project, viewers choose terra cotta colored rubber floor tiles. You can see in the video how the terra cotta colored rubber floor tiles compliments the reddish-brown tones of the pavilion structure.

Rubber-Cal’s rubber floor tiles were the perfect choice for the pavilion’s flooring. You can even hear Tim say, “One of my favorite parts,” in response to the rubber floors option. Meanwhile, Sharon is enjoying the soft and comfortable texture of the outdoor rubber floor. She even remarks that the eco friendly outdoor rubber flooring is “great on your bare feet!”

You can see in this video how easy it was to install the outdoor rubber flooring for the pavilion. For Tim and Sharon’s renovation project, the rubber floors products they used comes with pre-drilled installation holes. The pre-drilled installation holes are for connector pins. You simply insert a connector pin into one of the rubber floor tiles to connect it to another tile. Simple and very easy to do, this eco friendly outdoor rubber floor product is a fitting option for any DIY projects. You will also see that these rubber tiles are quite basic to cut. All you will need are some protective gloves, a utility knife and t-square ruler for measurements. For more detailed instructions, please see our installation guides or view our other Rubber-Cal “how to” videos.

Rubber flooring is an excellent surface option for outdoor spaces. The ground underneath the pavilion is concrete. Since the concrete ground offers no relief, installing outdoor rubber flooring is the best way to go. These products provide many benefits, such as extra comfort and protection for people, the subsurface below and any surrounding equipment. In this case, the flooring will cushion the grilling equipment against the concrete floor. As a result, there will be a lesser chance of damages to the grilling equipment, as well as, minimal dents from the weight of the grilling equipment on the concrete slab.

As mentioned earlier, the tiles are also an eco friendly outdoor rubber flooring option. Our rubber flooring products are made from recycled, reclaimed and natural rubber. Rubber-Cal’s outdoor rubber floor products are extremely durable and resilient. They are also easy to clean and can be conveniently rearranged if necessary. Needless to say, rubber makes for awesome flooring.

The finished results of Tim and Sharon’s backyard renovation brought tears to the homeowners’ eyes. The newly built pavilion is the perfect backyard accessory, fully equipped with a new grill and proper outdoor rubber flooring. Not only does the new rubber floors provide extra comfort and added protection, the terra cotta colored rubber floor tiles added a beautiful, aesthetic finish to the pavilion.

Check out our website to see our other eco friendly outdoor rubber floor products at If you would like more information on any specific product, please call our specialists today!

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