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Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats on Martha Stewart

Published: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

Inspired by a trip to Iceland, the Martha Stewart Show devoted a program special to the majestic island country. The “Iceland Show” featured the first lady, Dorrit Moussaieff, famous Icelandic horses, Stiggy and Cookie, and regional recipes. Floor Mat Company (a Rubber-Cal brand) provided heavy-duty rubber mats to the Martha Stewart Show, which was used to protect the studio’s floor from the immense weight of the Icelandic horses. These eco-friendly mats were employed because they are comfortable, protective and act as non-slip rubber mats. Their use was a requirement and prevented damage from occurring to the studio’s floors as well as to the horses themselves. Rubber mats make the ideal floor protection mats because they are affordable and have the features noted above.

Iceland is a Nordic island country, nestled along the Mid-Atlantic ridge between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Oceans. The history of Iceland dates far back to the early Viking settlements in the Western European regions. Due to centuries of isolation, Iceland has remained deeply rooted in Norse traditions and heritage. A beautiful island country, Iceland is made up of mountains, glaciers, glacial rivers and lava fields. It is this geological composition that makes Iceland an excellent source for renewable energy. Iceland was even ranked as the 13th most developed country by the United Nations’ Human Development Index in 2013, despite its sparse population and lack of standing army.

As part of the “Iceland Show” special, famous Icelandic horses, Stiggy and Cookie, were featured as highlights of the Icelandic culture. Tracing back to the early settlements, horses have always been a prominent part of Iceland’s culture. Horses first appeared in Norse mythology and were later used as sacrifices during feasts and ceremonies because they were viewed as symbols of fertility. During the medieval era, Icelanders even used horses for war. These horses were valued so much that they were buried alongside their respective warrior. Today, Icelandic horses are used for transportation, agriculture, racing, leisure riding and shows.

Indicative of their name, Icelandic horses were developed in Iceland and are the only breed of horses in the country. Although they are of small stature (pony-sized), Icelanders refer to them as horses. They weigh between 730 – 840 pounds and stand tall at 52 – 56 inches. The Icelandic horse is a “five-gaited” breed. The additional gaits that Icelandic horses are known for are the tolt and pace (“flying pace). Both gaits are distinctive by speed and specific characteristics, such as the number of beats per footfall.

Judging from the happy trotting of Stiggy and Cookie, our Heavy Duty Rubber Mats seemed to provide comfort and protection for these grand Icelandic creatures. These eco-friendly mats act as non-slip rubber mats that are often used in animal stall floors to cushion and comfort large livestock animals such as, cows and horses, from the abuse and damages caused by cold, hard grounds. Rubber-Cal offer floor protection mats from 1/8” thick to 2.5” in thickness.

Our heavy-duty rubber mats can be used for a variety of applications, like animal care facilities, livestock floors and cross-fit gyms. These eco-friendly mats have make for great floor protection mats at an affordable price, which makes our heavy-duty rubber mats an all around essential product! Feel free to call on our floormat specialists today to receive more information on the products we offer.

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