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A Durable Anti Fatigue Mat for Home Gyms – Revolution Rubber Flooring

Updated: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

Revolution rubber tiles are a great flooring choice for any home or commercial gym or fitness area. These tiles serve as a great anti-fatigue mat by utilizing the soft and shock absorbent qualities of rubber. These qualities help alleviate the stress and pressure on the joints of patrons exercising and working out on the textured floor tile. The air pockets on the under side of the Revolution anti fatigue floor are specifically designed to provide added comfort and further help reduce pain and stress on joints. Offered in 5/8”-inch thickness, these mats are thick enough to provide sufficient cushioning for the heavy weights that will be present in both commercial and residential gyms. Flooring for home gym areas also has many more advantages such as easy installation, superior cushioning, and heavy durability as you can see further being demonstrated in the accompanying video.

Revolution rubber flooring for home gym tiles are specifically designed for an easy do it yourself set up, allowing any “avid fitness buff” to set up the flooring without professional help or any specific tools of any sort. These tiles make the creation or upgrading of a home gym very easy. Begin by measuring your designated space and deciding how many 3ft-by-3ft rubber Revolution rubber tiles are necessary to cover the area. Having done this, begin laying down your tiles, one anti-fatigue mat at a time. Each textured floor tile is specifically designed to interlock with one another making the set up of your new flooring a cinch. The interlocking system of the Revolution flooring tiles allows the flooring to appear without seams, giving it a sleek appearance. The male and female ramps attach easy and give the new flooring a stylish border, allowing for a smooth transition from surface to surface. The Revolution anti fatigue floor looks clean and professional with the elevated surface provided by the tiles and ramps.

The rubber Revolution tile flooring utilizes the thickness and cushioning of rubber to effectively provide supreme protection for your subflooring. These thick shock absorbent mats also work very well to protect your expensive weight-lifting equipment from breaking or damage that is typically caused by the slamming and dropping of weights on your floor. Each Revolution rubber anti fatigue mat is made from natural and reclaimed rubber making it a great environmentally friendly choice.

This anti fatigue floor is an extremely durable and long lasting product that will be a flooring solution for years to come. Each textured floor tile is equipped with a pebbled surface to provide ultimate friction to help prevent slips, falls, and accidents. Rubber tile flooring for home gym areas can be infinitely connected to fit the size of any gym or fitness center. The tough and durable aspects of this flooring make it a great option for basements and garage floors. This flooring is very user friendly and simple to install, transform your floors by choosing this cost-efficient and effective option for your home gym, garage or basement today.

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