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Rubber Eco-Flooring – An Easy DIY Project

Updated: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

Rubber eco flooring is a simple do it yourself project that can immediately change the look and atmosphere of any garage or home gym floor. The rubber flooring in the above video is deemed environmentally friendly as these recycled floor tiles are made completely from used tire crumb. Interlocking exercise mats are available in both three-quarter inch and one-inch thicknesses, depending upon how much cushioning is needed for the utility of the given floor. One-inch thick recycled tire flooring might be a better option for a home gym, where heavy weight will be present; whereas you might only need three-quarter inch thick surfacing for a storage room. Despite the gauge size you choose for your flooring, the installation remains the same, incredibly easy and simple!

As the video showcases, the installation of these eco-friendly flooring materials (i.e. Eco-Sport Tiles) requires minimal labor and usually no tools. For both the 3/4-inch and 1-inch Eco-Sport tiles, the first step simply involves clearing the space out in which you plan to lay your flooring down, prep the floor by cleaning it. Next, take a broom and mop to the area and make sure it is clean, especially if you plan on laying down an adhesive. An adhesive is not required, but a polyurethane based substance is probably a good idea if you plan on keeping the eco-flooring in the same area for a long time. Take your interlocking exercise mats and begin to lay them down and cover your surface. For both 3/4-inch and larger 1-inch gauge recycled floor tiles, find the included interlocking pins and simply insert them into the pre cut out holes, similarly to how this is done in the video. Once the interlocking pins are properly placed, slide your tiles into place and assemble your floor. For a better fit, use a utility knife to cut these tiles to the right size for covering the space in your given application. Installation is really that easy, using no tools at all, you can install eco-friendly flooring materials in a jiffy!

Eco-Sport recycled floor tiles can add a brand new look to any area of the house, as this surfacing is available in five fun colors. Bring a dirty garage to life or spice up that old storage room by choosing from either Coal, Blue, Green, or Terra Cotta eco-flooring.

This flooring is extremely practical as its durability and toughness makes it function extremely well both inside and outside. As stated before, this material is recycled tire flooring allowing it to stand up to the toughest of weather elements. Basements, garages, and home gyms can all benefit from the functionality of rubber. Rubber offers supreme protection for your current flooring so you won’t have to worry about the integrity of your underlying tile, hardwood, or carpet surface. Rubbers natural shock absorbing trait and superior cushioning functions well for dealing with heavy weights for home gyms and is great for heavy equipment that will be stored in the garage. Experience all the benefits of rubber eco-flooring by simply installing your own Eco-Sport rubber flooring surface today!

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