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Rubber Floor Matting – Easy to Install Exercise Flooring

Updated: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

Rubber floor matting for home gym floors is an easy do it yourself project that will have your home gym looking and feeling like a professional fitness center. Rubber exercise flooring is a great choice for home gyms since you definitely want to protect your current flooring in your home, whether that be expensive tile, hardwood, or carpet. Rubber mat tiles utilize the cushioning of rubber to provide a buffer between your weight-lifting equipment and current surfacing. Rubber exercise flooring, as you can see from the video, is incredibly easy to install and immediately changes the look and feel of any gym, no matter the location. The rubber ramp mats for the “Revolution” rubber mat tiles give your workout area a cool elevated feel that will appear to be professionally installed. Creating your own home gym is easier than you might have thought, and this instructional video will show you the proper way to add your rubber ramp mats with no professional help or tools. In addition with the use of ramps, trip hazards are reduced and usually thicker and more elevated floors are easier to access.

Before you begin installing your border ramps, you need to first lay down your new “Revolution” rubber tiles in your designated gym area. So find some open space, whether that is a garage, living room or even a backyard, as these durable rubber mat tiles function well both inside and outside. Next, take a broom to this region, if necessary, and make sure this area is clean before laying down your exercise flooring. You want to make sure the surface is level and clean of any debris. Now simply lay down as many tiles as you need to cover your new gym area. You are now ready to put the stylish finishing touch on this space by adding your rubber ramp mats.

As you can see from the video, it is not a bad idea to group the different types of ramp pieces together; males with males, ends with ends, and females with females. Male pieces contain the connectors, while the female ramps are the parts with the smooth edges. The amount of center ramps will vary depending on the size and the shape of your gym, while an end-piece will be needed for every corner. All rectangular and square rubber floor matting areas will require four end pieces. Attaching these rubber ramp mats is really simple, as evidenced by the accompanying video, and requires no tools or professional experience.

“Revolution” rubber interlocking tiles are very easy to install and add a professional touch to any home gym. These interlocking rubber mat tiles are available in a 3-foot by 3-foot size, and are available in White Speckle, Blue Speckle, Diamond-Plate pattern, and All Black to add flare or character to any area where employed. Made from sustainable natural and reclaimed rubber, this exercise flooring is the perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious customer. Made from 5/8-inch thick rubber material, these mats are very durable and can withstand the heavy weights associated with home gyms and properly protect your subflooring while adding style and sophistication to any area of your household, both indoors and out. Rubber floor matting solves all your home gym needs, in an easy to install and affordable product.

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