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Rubber Flooring Tiles – a DIY Flooring Project

Updated: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

Puzzle-Lock rubber flooring tiles are uniquely designed to make the installation of your new rubber tile floor a painless and fun endeavor. Purposely molded like the pieces of a puzzle, these interlocking cushioned floor mats fit perfectly into neighboring Puzzle-Lock tiles making installation a breeze. Setting up a new rubber Puzzle-Lock surface is now an easy project that requires no extra help and no tools. Puzzle-Lock tiles are made from tough and durable rubber making these indoor and outdoor mats useful in garages, gyms, factories, or any other setting where your current surface is in danger of being compromised by heavy materials. Cushioned rubber flooring offers a thick protective layer that is imperative for keeping your current surfacing in good shape for years to come. Puzzle-Lock tiles are the smart choice due to the added tough protection, easy installation, and variety of available colors.

Made from recycled rubber, Puzzle-Lock rubber flooring tiles are extremely tough and fit to stand up against all the elements, making the tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Being UV and o-zone resistant, Puzzle-Lock cushioned rubber flooring is made from old tire rubber making it the environmentally friendly choice. Applications of puzzle interlocking cushioned floor mats are endless, as this outdoor and indoor flooring can be used for garages, home gyms, warehouses, and pretty much any surface that could use a protective layer. The strength and durability of these tough floors will function well to protect whatever heavy equipment is being used or placed on top of the rubber tile floor. The Puzzle-Lock rubber flooring tiles will also provide great protection for your delicate subflooring by utilizing the shock absorbing traits of rubber. Dropping of heavy equipment and tools will help better protect the integrity of your tools as well as your subflooring. This protection and cushioning aspect makes this surfacing a great choice for areas where kids will be playing and falling such as basements, playgrounds, and daycares.

As previously stated, and as you can clearly see from the attached video, the installation and setup of Puzzle-Lock rubber flooring tiles couldn’t be easier. With snap together Puzzle-Lock rubber, simply lay down the tiles over your current surfacing and snap them together. This simple DIY project requires neither extra help nor the need for any tools or adhesives.

A Puzzle-Lock rubber tile floor can add a touch of style and class to any bland and old garage or factory floor. The fast and easy installation of snap together tiles also yields a fast and easy makeover for whichever room they are employed in. Puzzle-Lock rubber flooring tiles are available in six different colors giving you the option to personalize your cushioned rubber flooring in any way you choose. Interlocking cushioned floor mats can be bought in Terra Cotta, Gray, Blue, Black, Green, and Blue Gray. So pick the color of your choosing, or pick multiple colors to mix and match, and start your own DIY garage floor or home gym resurfacing. Puzzle-Lock cushioned rubber flooring tiles make any home flooring project easier and more fun than ever before, start your home project today!

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