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Outdoor Rubber Mats Spruces Up Old Barn on Extra Yardage

Published: Santa Ana, Calif., October 31, 2013

Rubber-Cal’s outdoor rubber mats were recently featured on the hit DIY Network series, Extra Yardage. In this episode, Rubber-Cal’s interlocking floor mats were used to help renovate the flooring of an old two-stall barn that has been turned into part garage shop, part “dog condo.” By the end of the transformation, you can see how the interlocking floor mats were used to provide rubber kennel flooring for the dogs and proper garage floor covering for the bike shop.

Extra Yardage is a television series on the DIY Network hosted by Billy Derian, an American landscaper, contractor and interior designer. The landscaping series focuses on backyards, patios and decks that are in need of some serious renovating. In the 30-minute segment, Derian and his team demonstrate how they tackle desolate backyard areas and transform them into top-notch outdoor entertainment spaces.

In this particular episode, a hopeless couple, Maddy and Anthony, are in need of severe assistance with renovating their barren acre of land. Dubbing the dismal yard as a “giant dust bowl,” Derian and his team quickly went to work and gave the yard a “ranch rehab,” Extra Yardage style.

The first thing that Derian and his team tackles is the two-stall barn that is now occupied by the homeowners’ dogs and dirt bikes. Prior to the transformation, each stall lacked proper flooring. The Extra Yardage crew used the interlocking floor mats for both sides of the barn. These eco-conscious outdoor rubber mats were used as rubber kennel flooring for the “dog condo” and as garage floor covering for Anthony’s bike shop.

Our outdoor rubber mats make perfect dog mats because they are comfortable enough for canines to roll around and lie on, but they can also be utilized as rubber kennel flooring for other animals as well. The interlocking floor mats are waterproof, super durable and easy to clean, making them quite ideal for animal usage.

As you can see in this episode segment, these rubber mats are very easy to install. In a few simple steps, Derian is able to explain how to install the interlocking floor mats. These particular rubber mats are designed with pre-drilled installation holes. Connector pins are then inserted into these holes in order to connect two adjoining mats. For more detailed instructions, please refer to our installation manual.

On the other side, Rubber-Cal’s outdoor rubber mats were used to provide proper garage floor covering for Anthony’s bike shop. These rubber mats make excellent flooring for garages because they are resilient and supportive for hard and unforgiving concrete surfaces. Workspaces that involve the usage of mechanics, tools and other heavy equipment will benefit from appropriate flooring. Proper flooring such as rubber surfacing can prevent damages to the subsurface and surrounding applications. The interlocking floor mats also added a cool decorative touch to Anthony’s bike shop. Using black and red rubber tiles, the previously dingy bike shop now looks like a modern garage fit for a “gentleman’s ranch.”

These outdoor rubber mats make excellent surfacing options as dog mats, rubber kennel flooring or garage floor covering. The eco-friendly interlocking floor mats are simple to install and can easily be taken apart, transported, rearranged or re-installed without hassle. Made from natural, reclaimed and recycled rubber, these rubber mats are an eco-conscious and affordable surfacing option. They are durable, resilient and ideal for shock absorption and vibration reduction. Our outdoor rubber mats properly and effectively protects floors, people, animals and machinery from hard concrete surfaces.

Rubber-Cal has a diverse inventory of various rubber flooring products. Whether you need specific outdoor rubber mats or a certain color of interlocking floor mats, we are sure that you can find a suitable product for your desired application(s). From dog mats to rubber kennel flooring and garage floor covering, our rubber flooring products serve all kinds of functions and purposes. Check out Rubber-Cal’s website to see our selection of rubber flooring products.

If you are in need of further assistance, please feel free to contact our Rubber-Cal specialists.

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