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Rubber Playground Surfaces—Durable, Dependable, and Safe!

It’s difficult to leave your little ones behind when you have to go to work, but for many of us there is no other option. Especially since we want to make sure we give our kids everything they want and deserve—within reason (no, you can’t have ten puppies, but I’ll do everything in my power to send you to college, you’re welcome). So when we drop our kids off at daycare, we do so trusting that they will be well cared for in an environment that will nurture their intellectual and social growth. However, daycares can range from a few children to well over a hundred! And as much as we’re certain that daycare administrators and caregivers want to spend every moment of their time watching over our little munchkins, it’s not always possible. But no matter the number of children, safety should always be a high priority when managing a daycare, as children are prone to accidents.  Therefore, a safety floor is an absolute necessity in any child-care facility. Rubberized playground surfaces> can provide a safe and comfortable area for kids to play on that will guard against injuries especially in the event of tumbles and falls. And with a wide range of available styles and sizes, from thick rubber playground flooring to bright individual ground mats, we’re certain that you’ll find whatever your particular child-care facility needs.

Check out these 3 reasons why a rubberized safety floor is an essential part of any daycare facility.

  • Safety in the Event of a Fall
    The thickness of rubber flooring should depend on the equipment that is being employed in your facilities play area. The taller any particular piece of equipment is—such as monkey bars, swings, or slides, the greater the risk becomes in the event of a fall. And that makes perfect sense because chances are you’ll get more seriously hurt if you fall from a height of three feet than if you fall from a height of one foot. Of course this isn’t always the case; the way someone falls is also going to affect how serious an injury could be. Whatever the case is—thicker playground surfaces are going to offer you much more protection. Rubber is a supple and elastic material that will provide much more give and support under the weight of a falling body, as opposed to hard concrete or asphalt.
  • Dependability
    As we stated, many daycares will be looking after to quite a number of little ones. So as much as we would like to have one caregiver per child, chances are that’s just not going to happen. Employing rubber playground flooring in all play areas is like having an extra pair of hands and eyes. While a caregiver may not be available to catch a child during a fall, rubber will—especially if it is used throughout the entire daycare facility! Individual ground mats can be used in bathrooms, in playhouses, and many other locations where grownups aren’t always available. While this won’t mean that childcare attendants can be any less vigilant, it does mean that you’ll be covering a lot more bases and will be actively combating the risk of serious injuries. And it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Durability

A daycare facility is a unique setting—much like a school, the playground surfaces that they utilize need to last for a good amount of time because constant replacement is just too costly. Unlike home playgrounds or play areas, where a safety floor usually just has to last as long as our kids utilize the facility—a daycare will need something that is long-lasting and durable. And more important than just remaining in good visible condition is that the products also remain in good functional condition, even after extensive use.

Many of our rubber playground flooring and ground mats are made from recycled and reclaimed tires—not only will this prove to be more economical, but it also showcases the resilience of these products. Automobile tires are designed to stand up against incredibly abrasive environments, such as constant direct sunlight, excessive moisture, and snow (just to name a few). This is a tough material that will stand up to all of the bouncing, jumping, stomping, running, walking, and tantrum-kicking that our adorable kiddos dish out.

Playground with black tile outdoors
Coal Eco Safety 2.5 inch Tile in Playground

If you still have any doubts about the use of a rubberized safety floor in your childcare facility then we urge you to reconsider. With a variety of styles, all made from different materials, in a number of sizes, and even colors, we’re certain that there is something to match any economic, aesthetic, or functional need.

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