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Non-Slip Mats—Traction, Grip, and Drainage Capabilities

There are a number of environments that could greatly benefit from non-slip mats, but with a variety of styles, all of which have been designed with particular settings in mind, I want to pay special attention to drainage flooring. Some locations, such as commercial kitchens, public locker rooms, gym showers, pools, and marine-type environments are bound to see a lot more spills. These locations have an inherently riskier surface, because of the constant moisture. An anti-slip floor is an imperative aspect of any safety regimen for any location, but nowhere is it more important than in a place that that has heavy foot traffic and which also sees near constant wet conditions. There is a special rubber drainage mat, designed with holes that help to immediately remove moisture from the surface and from underfoot. This sort of mat seems perfectly suited for excessively wet conditions. Rubberized traction flooring, which also employs drainage capabilities, is going to offer a multifaceted source of security.

Check out these 3 reasons why a holed drainage mat is the perfect answer for all your anti-slip floor needs!

  • Water-Resistant
    According to the Consolidated Safety Group, “over 9 million disabling slip/fall injuries occur per year,” and that, “slip/fall accidents are the most common work related injuries?”
    With statistics like that it’s easy to see why non-slip surfacing is an essential part of any workplace. Rubber, which is naturally water-resistant, is the perfect material for creating a non-slip floor. Like oil with water, rubber won’t soak up moisture, making it a lot easier to dry after spills. And with many kitchen mats made with Nitrile, a high quality grease-resistant rubber, even messy oil spills will be easy to clean up.
    Non-slip mats can help you prevent slip-and-fall accidents; by ensuring employees have a secure place to stand, especially in wet conditions. A holed drainage mat provides an excellent safety surface that quickly does away with excess moisture by channeling away spills below the surface of the mat and onto the subsurface of the floor. This is particularly useful if you already have drainage flooring installed in the area. Kitchens, gyms, and large public showers normally come with large drainage sites already located on the floor. Placing a non-slip mat that won’t be damaged by water or oil/grease, directly over the drain will help prevent people from tripping over it, while still allowing liquids to channel away.
  • Added Traction

I think it’s safe to assume that we’ve all felt that heart dropping moment when we lose our footing in the shower, or on a slippery floor. Many non-slip mats also have ridged surfaces, which provide even more traction. The specific design of a holed drainage mat offers this benefit thoroughly! Although liquids are channeled away from the surface after they spill on the mat, some moisture is bound to remain for a brief moment upon the surface until it dries or is dried. These anti-slip solutions also provide traction flooring, which will help keep you, your family, or your employees from slipping even when moisture is present. So while a majority of the moisture is channeled away, people can continue to move upon the mat with little fear of losing their footing.

  • Grip
    Grip, like traction, will help people keep their footing in wet conditions. And although similar in their application, traction and grip are different in that one is born from design and the other is inherent in the material. An anti-slip floor that utilizes rubber has the added advantage of employing the material’s naturally high coefficient of friction. So while the holed design gives you added traction, the material itself is naturally inclined to form a sturdier bond between its surface and the bottom of your shoe.
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If you are looking for the right kind of non-slip mats to place over your drainage flooring, then seriously consider the exceptional design of holed rubber matting. An anti-slip floor is something every business needs. Added traction flooring is going to ensure that your employee remain safe while going about their duties. Not only that, but the supple and softer surfacing of rubber also offers cushioning qualities, which will help remove stress from feet, ankles, and joints. And with rubber’s natural durability and toughness, we are certain that this product will last for quite some time.

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