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Are Rubber Diamond-Plate Floors a Good Match for a Trailer Bed?

Ever since humans discovered the wheel we’ve been building ingenious ways to carry around all of our stuff. From mustang horse trailers, to mustang race-car trailers, we fully utilize these amazing vehicle accessories to haul around our most prized possessions, dear pets, even things intended for the dump. So how can you better protect and add to the longevity of one of the most important parts of your trailer—its bed? The bed of a trailer will see the most amount of wear, so it is absolutely imperative to properly protect it. With quite a few things out there promising to protect this area, we think rubber diamond plate floor is a pretty strong contender! A diamond floor covering provides both versatility as well as aesthetic appeal with its classical industrial style. But diamond floor mats are a lot more than just a pretty face—um, err, surface—they’re strong, durable, provide added traction for safer loading and unloading, and will protect both the items you’re hauling as well as the subsurface of your trailer. And unlike some of the products available, such as a spray-on bonding paints, a matted rubber covering will not become a permanent fixture on your trailer.

But what exactly makes a diamond rubber design such a good match for a trailer bed? Here are our reasons:

  1. Safety First—Anti-Slip and Added Traction
    There’s absolutely nothing more important than safety when you’re loading heavy equipment onto or off your trailer. With many trailer beds being made out of metal, or plated in metal, you’re taking a huge risk by moving around on top of it, especially when boxes, furniture, or any other item impairs your line of vision. One small puddle of water could spell disaster! A rubber diamond-plate surfacing is not only slip-resistant but it also has a highly natural coefficient of friction that is enhanced by a slightly elevated diamond design. This will ensure that your feet stay firmly planted.

2. Durability

A trailer, regardless of its appearance, has a very straight forward job. So whether it’s an enclosed trailer from U-Haul for antique furniture or an open trailer for recreational sports vehicle, you want to use a bed-liner that will not only stand up to the weight of any load but to any and all environmental factors as well. Rubber has a predisposed resistance to the elements, but this is more clearly seen in many eco-friendly rubber products. Recycled rubber, due to its material source—vehicle tires—is resoundingly strong. Able to resist the sun’s rays, ozone, rain or snow, and a number of other abrasions, this is the sort of material that’s going to be able to stand up in any number of tasks.

3. Cargo Protection

Many of the applications that made rubber so durable are also going to help in protecting whatever it is you are hauling. Rubber is a more forgiving surface than hard metal or planked wood. Supple and elastic, this surface will conform to the bottom of whatever it is you’re moving—hooves, furniture legs, or anything else. And should you come across a bump in the road, this malleable surface will be there to catch anything that should buckle or bounce out of place.

Green handled broom on top of a black diamond plate mat
Diamond plate black texture

4. Trailer Bed Protection

The other side of that same coin—bouncing furniture, swaying heavy equipment, or dancing metal horse-shoes—is also going to affect the longevity of your trailer bed. But just like a well-placed diamond floor covering can protect your cargo as you take it from point A to point B, so too can it protect the subsurface of your trailer bed. It’s a lot better that all that jumping, jolting, and grinding happen on top of diamond floor mats rather than directly against the surface of your trailer.

5. Ease of Cleanup

Let’s say you just finished delivering your content and thanks to your rubber diamond plate surfacing everything made it to its intended destination safe and sound. After having loaded, driven, and then unloading your trailer, the last thing you want to do is clean it up—because you might not always be hauling nice clean things. Maybe you just finished dumping some yard trimmings in the dump, or you finished gutting a house, or you just happen to be doing some major spring cleaning—whatever the case—your trailer might be in some dire need of a little TLC. With rubber cleanup is a breeze! You can easily remove the matting, hose it down, let it dry and set it back down. Or if it wasn’t that messy to begin with a good brush with the broom is more than enough.


6. Easy Installation and Removal

With a number of products available for trailer-bed protection being nothing more than a coat of paint you pour directly onto your trailer, we can’t help but think that this doesn’t sound very user friendly at all. Not to mention the fact that this bonding paint is often times meant to become a permanent installation, which might be great if the product actually worked! But what if that paint starts to chip? What if you’re left with certain portions of your trailer-bed exposed!? Not only does that look bad, but that’s not going to offer your trailer the sort of protection it needs after a long day of hard work. Diamond floor mats are easy to install; some just need to be laid out, others are interlocking with puzzle-like pieces, and on the occasion that you actually want something a bit more permanent there is double-sided tape that will keep a diamond floor covering firmly in place.


So there you have it folks—6 great reasons why rubber diamond plate flooring is a good match for trailer beds!

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