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Rubber Tiles—Flooring Solutions for Larger and Unique Spaces

The wider and larger any particular space is, the harder you may think it’s going to be to provide it with rubber flooring—but that isn’t the case at all! Whether it’s a large natural stone patio that needs protecting or a wide play area that has concrete surfacing but isn’t offering enough protection, rubber tiles can easily be employed to cover bigger areas.

Installing modular flooring is a great way to cover any size space quickly and efficiently, and with so many available styles and colors, it’s also a good way to add personal flair! If you have a uniquely large space with a surface that needs to be protected with a durable, affordable, and easy to maintain and install option, then consider using rubber surfaces!

Don’t settle for oddly placed big rubber mats when you can have a surface that fits seamlessly into nearly any space with maximum and continuous coverage. If you’re not convinced that rubber tiles could work for you, then check out these 6 reasons why we recommend them for larger and uniquely shaped spaces!

• Protection for People and Pets
Elastomer flooring is a supple and pliable surface that will provide a much more forgiving surface to land on in the event of a fall. This softer surfacing can help you ensure that people and pets don’t suffer serious injuries should an unfortunate slip, tumble, or trip occur. Apart from its protective qualities, rubber surfaces are also more comfortable in comparison to hard concrete, cold tile, hardwood floor, or linoleum. And with the versatility of rubberized tile, the diameter of the space won’t be a deterring issue.

• Protection for Sub-Flooring and Items
A patio made from naturally cut stone or a beautiful hardwood floor can be the pride and joy of any homeowner. In this case, conserving investments made to your home is probably a high priority—especially considering how expensive some of these upgrades can be. Using big rubber mats to protect only certain areas could still result in costly accidents! The use of an all-encompassing rubberized surface can help keep sub-flooring from being chipped or scratched during special events, or through daily wear and tear. Also, the use of this supple and elastic flooring can potentially prevent fallen items from being damaged or broken.

Black in color Easy-to-Install, Durable, Rubber Flooring Made from Reclaimed Rubber orange color dumbbells placed
Black in color Easy-to-Install, Durable, Rubber Flooring Made from Reclaimed Rubber orange color dumbbells placed

• Tile Resilience
Another great reason to consider using rubber flooring is because this is an incredibly durable material. Some modular flooring options are made from recycled resources, and these are particularly excellent in areas where durability is a concern, such as high traffic areas. The source material for recycled products is automobile tires. A when you consider that tires are designed to be all-weather and all-terrain products, then it’s easy to see how these tiles will operate in similar circumstances. Recycled rubber products will do well in outdoor applications and even in areas that experience excessive amounts of rain and snow.

• Ease of Maintenance
Rubber surfaces will provide a clean and professional look with little effort and low costs of upkeep; this is a particularly attractive aspect when you’re dealing with larger areas. Of course with a variety of colors, it doesn’t have to look strictly professional! To keep your elastomer floor clean, usually all you’ll need is a broom to brush off debris, but if a more thorough cleaning is required then a wet mop, even a hose (in outdoor applications) can be used to remove dirt and grime! There won’t be any need for specialized cleaning or cleaning agents. And with the ease of installation and removal, individual pieces of tile can be replaced as they are worn down as opposed to having to replacing the whole flooring structure. This will definitely help you save money!

• Available Styles
Rubber tiles are available in synthetic and recycled materials, providing a variety of options to use for your applications. There are even a number of options when it comes to tile thickness and color, including earthen tones (a rarity in rubber products). So regardless of need and or budget, there is a style to meet every need!

• Ease of Installation
Instead of wasting time and dealing with the hassle of installers or the lack of functionality offered by big rubber mats , you can choose the right product right off the bat and even make it a DIY project! With a bit of patience you can put together your own modular flooring, simply by interlocking the tiles together like puzzle pieces. Some tiles come with interconnecting pin options, which help to keep them securely linked. And if a more permanent outcome is desired, double sided adhesives can be employed to better secure your surfacing to your subflooring.

Rubber tiles are an excellent solution to larger flooring applications. They really will fit seamlessly into most locations, and have enough available choices to allow consumers to adhere to their own sense of aesthetics and personal flair.

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