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No-Slip Mats the Perfect Solution for Messy Washrooms

Washrooms are a great facility that a business offers their customers and employees. Unfortunately, these spaces tend to get messy, regardless of how often you check up on them. Even if you have someone designated to check on the washroom every hour, which is quite time consuming if you think about it, a spill can happen and still go unnoticed and unattended for a good amount of time. And a spill that is left unattended becomes a huge slip hazard that carries with it some pretty big risks, such as serious injuries, legal troubles, and even death. Utilizing rubber no-slip mats in an environment that sees a lot of moisture is a great way to reduce slip hazards. Traction mats offer added stability in the presence of spills and, depending on design, can even help channel water away, ensuring that you provide good and reliable grip flooring for customers and employees alike. And if you’re interested in adding rubber traction to larger areas, there are non-slip flooring tiles and runners, which can offer coverage to a wider and longer space.

Consider these 5 reasons why we think you should put down rubber surfacing on your washroom floors.

  • Added SafetyProviding grip flooring in your washrooms is a surefire way to help combat slip and fall accidents. Many surfacing options come with raised designs—such as diamond plate, ridges, and coin-sized circles—adding rubber traction to any potentially slippery area. Some no-slip mats even come with drainage holes, which quickly channel water away from the surface and onto the subsurface; this effectively removes water from underfoot where it could do the most damage. Rubber is the perfect material to use because of its natural resistance to water and it’s highly coefficient of friction, which ultimately translate into giving customers and employees added traction and stability in wet environments.

  • Ease Maintenance

Due to rubber’s water resistance, it can stand up to thorough washings with water and common commercial cleaners. And due to the material’s natural toughness it can stand up to vigorous scrubbing. But more often than not, all you’ll need to keep your rubber surfacing in tip-top shape is a broom and a mop. Even cleaning the original covered subsurface can be made easy, since non-slip flooring tiles, mats, and runners, are very easy to remove and reinstall.

  • Controlling the Mess

The best place, in my opinion, to put down no-slip mats is at the foot of the skin. This is the place where people wash their

hands and shake off the excess water (more often than not directly onto the floor), before reaching for paper towels. Droplets of water have a way of quickly accumulating in this particular area, creating large wet spots and even puddles. Having rubber traction won’t just add safety, but with the raised designs that often times double as a shoe scrapers, you can help keep the mess of the washroom within the washroom. People often walk out with bits of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoes; walking across traction mats is a great way to help them leave that embarrassing mess behind. Solid rubber mats are not permeable; these surfaces will not allow liquids to escape below the surface. In addition, some of these products have raised edges. The addition of these beveled edges aids in the containment of liquids and keeps them from tracking onto adjacent floors, or the main floors of your establishment.

  • Durability
    Grip flooring doesn’t just have to be good and relievable; it also needs to be long lasting and durable. Many rubber flooring options, especially those being used in high foot traffic areas, are made from reclaimed and recycled material. The normal source of this recycled material is tires, which stands as a true testament to the products resilience and toughness. If you take a moment to contemplate the conditions that tires are designed to operate in—hot asphalt, constant exposure to corrosive sunlight, rain, and snow—it’s easier to understand why rubber is as durable as it is.
Black color Ultra-Durable and Economical Rubber Doormat texture shot
Grease-Resistant Rubber Mat red color placed on slippery surface with yellow caution board
  • Ease of Installation
    Traction mats don’t have to be a headache to install. Many rubberized flooring options are incredibly easy to put down, with little to no technical knowledge required. Mats can simply be laid out, runners can be rolled out and adjusted to settle correctly, and non-slip flooring tiles simply need to be put together like puzzle pieces. So when it comes to all the added benefits that could be gained from having no-slip mats, don’t be deterred by thoughts of complicated and difficult installations!

If you’re interested in learning more about grip flooring, or want to better understand the benefits of having rubber traction, let us help! Our product specialists are available to assist you every Monday through Friday, between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Call us now at 1.866.378.5679

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