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Using Rubber Gym Mats Can Turn Any Small Space into a Home Gym

Hate having to wait thirty minutes for a treadmill or Stairmaster to become available at your local fitness club? Sick of paying up to $60 a month for a gym membership? Tired of standing around while the local “hoarder” uses the entire rack of free weights for his or her “supersets?” If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might want to consider looking into the construction of your own home gym. There are many advantages that come along with a home gym; like the freedom to work out when you want, no lines or waiting, the ability to multi-task, and no one staring at you. While the task may seem daunting at first, it may be easier than you think. Whether a large or small scale project, the

proper flooring for a home gym is imperative to protect the valuable subsurface in your home or garage. A Rubber treadmill mat can quickly transform any corner of any household into your own “Cardio Corner,” while at the same time offering you worry-free protection of your floor from the heavy weight of the treadmill. If free weights are your thing, gym mats are a necessary buffer between your weight-rack and floor to prevent cracking tiles, chipping wood, or damaging carpet. Whatever your workout preference may be, rubber gym floors are an easy project that pays for itself in the long-run.

Time to ditch that membership and finally start working out on your own terms, here are 3 easy steps on how to properly use rubber gym floors to turn any area into a home gym!

1. Look Around!
The first step in your pursuit of a home gym is finding a suitable amount of space for your setup. This is easier than you think and will vary depending on the scale of the home gym you are investing in. This does not need to be a large room and you would be surprised at the places people sneak in small gym setups. (Hint: explore cluttered garages or unused basement corners)

2. Size it up.

Deciding how large or small your setup is going to be depends on what exactly you are trying to accomplish with your home gym. For example, if you simply enjoy running and abdominal work, a treadmill mat in conjunction with a couple small gym mats should take up no more than 50 square feet and fill your personal exercise needs. If you have a larger gym in mind with room for free weights and barbells, your flooring for a home gym could effectively be achieved by using rubber flooring rolls. The rolls are usually four feet wide and can be cut to your custom length, which makes for very simple installation.

Resilient and Affordable Black Color Rubber Rolls Available in Custom Lengths heavy weight bearing
Coin or Stud Top Textured Flooring silver color texture shot

3. Customize and enjoy!

Flooring for a home gym doesn’t have to be an eye sore and definitely doesn’t have to be all-black and smooth. Worried a black treadmill mat won’t match the brand new couches in the living room? No need to worry, gym mats come in a variety of different colors and textures to add life to any room. Rubber gym floors are extremely versatile in this fashion and choosing the right texture and color can really spice up an old boring garage.

Three easy steps on how properly utilizing gym mats can easily transform any boring old space or room into a fully functioning home gym. Don’t worry about installation and labor costs; this DIY project is as simple as cleaning the subfloor and laying down your rubber matting. So take a look around, find some space, and start working out at your leisure.

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