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Rubber Runners Can Prevent Slippery Floors and Serious Accidents

Slippery floors and moist surfaces can lead to serious accidents. Floor Mat Company’s anti-slip rubber runners are designed to prevent damage and injury! These durable rubberized mats are made with water-resistant material and equipped with abrasive surface textures. As a result, they can be used on ramps and inclines as well as wet, slippery areas! No matter the environment, our rubber runners offer maximum traction and safety.

  • Slip Resistant Applications
    I lived in San Francisco for a while, just down the street from a public library. Winters in San Francisco ranged from extremely foggy to extremely wet, but that hardly kept me from climbing the steep hill up to one of my favorite getaways! However, due to the moisture that accumulated outside, trekking over the tile floor in the library lobby was always an adventure. Granted, the library was going through heavy renovations, but once it was all done and they had laid out their wide door mat which was made out of rubber and which covered the length of the double doors perfectly, my near slip accidents were a thing of the past! Public facilities are located in nearly every city across America, which means vastly different climates—from rain to snow and everything in between. Rubberized industrial door mats are resistant to water and often feature a traction rich surface which makes them perfect for slip resistant applications!
  • Trip Resistant Applications
    Oversized door mats are available in all rubber or in rubber and coir blends, both of which offer great traction and grip. Rubber isn’t just resistant to water; it also contains a high coefficient of friction, which actively works towards maintaining a firmer grip with items that are placed on it. This natural grip is paired with a rich traction design, which will make this mat a great trip-and-stumble resistant surface. Remember, falls aren’t always due to slips born from environmental circumstances! Any place that plays host to young children, elderly citizens, and even crowds of people will make visitors susceptible to accidental pushes, stumbles, and trips.
  • Dirt, Grime, and Moisture Remover

One of the main and most important duties carried out by entryway matting is the protection of interior floors from messes that could result from the carryover of outside debris and contaminants. Thirty to forty percent of dust is made up of pollutants that are brought in from the outside, usually carried in on shoes and clothing. Having a wide door mat, featuring a traction design, is a great way to capture dirt, grime, and moisture before it makes its way into your building! Some matting designs actually behave like scraper bristles that are perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies of shoe-bottoms, further aiding in the removal of tiny bits of gravel, rocks, and other materials. But this protection against potential grime doesn’t have to be unique to a large front door—you can in fact place rubber matting at every entry point since any and all doors that lead in and out of your building are gateways through which dirt can come in.

  • Damage Prevention
    In the same way that oversized door mats will protect your interior floors from dirt, they can also protect flooring from unsightly and serious damage. Imagine for a moment the bottom of someone’s shoe, especially if it has gravel or other rubbish stuck to it. With the weight of a person’s movements, each step they take on your floors is going to cause scratches—especially on hardwood, tile, or linoleum surfacing. This sort of damage can be very expensive to repair and even more costly to replace!
Table and book on the right on top of a recycled rolls black mat
Elephant bark flooring utilized underneath a gym
  • Long Lasting Durability
    Think of all the applications in which rubber is utilized; for me, automobile tires, are the first to come to mind. Rubber is chosen because it’s strong, durable, and well suited to withstand harsh environments. Large front door matting will often use recycled material, the source of which are automobile tires.  Tires are designed to stand up against constant exposure to corrosive sunlight, excessive water, snow, and uneven or rough roads—and this is the same sort of toughness that’s going to be inherited by your industrial door mats.

A wide door mat is a simple but elegant solution when it comes to entryway safety applications. But your oversized doors mats are going to do a lot more than just help keep people safe from slips—they’ll protect interior floors, make interesting focal points thanks to their surface designs, and they’ll be easy to maintain even with all the hard work that they’re doing. Rubberized entryway matting is very simply a great investment to make for any and all public facilities.

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