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Choose a Rubber Sports Floor and Choose Savings

Hate having to wait thirty minutes for a treadmill or Stairmaster to become available at your local fitness club? Sick of paying up to $60 a month for a gym membership? Tired of standing around while the local “hoarder” uses the entire rack of free weights for his or her “supersets?” If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might want to consider looking into the construction of your own home gym. There are many advantages that come along with a home gym; like the freedom to work out when you want, no lines or waiting, the ability to multi-task, and no one staring at you. While the task may seem daunting at first, it may be easier than you think. Whether a large or small scale project, the

Athletic spikes are worn in a number of sports including golf, baseball, football, and rugby. Cleats are usually made of rubber or metal and almost always completely filthy. The bottoms of these spikes take a good portion of the past playing surface with them, which typically means grass, sand, dirt, and mud. Spikes can be a nightmare for any floor as they carry unwanted materials with them while scratching and scuffing surfaces. So how can you protect various areas that see a lot of cleat traffic, such as locker-room flooring and golf pro shops from being completely torn apart? A rubber sport floor. Choosing a rubber sports floor is a great economical decision for business owners looking to preserve their current floor and stop wear and tear caused from cleats. Replacing any type of floor is a costly project and can easily be prevented with this simple preventative measure. Don’t fret if you have an outdoor deck or 19th hole bar as many outdoor sport flooring options exist as well. The outdoor rubber flooring does not require any special cleaning and can be mopped using any common household cleanser or simply hosed off. Being made from recycled tires, the outdoor sport flooring is designed to last in all weather conditions.

Here are 3 benefits of installing a rubber sports floor in cleat-heavy areas.

  1. Subflooring Security

Laying down a rubber sport floor can be one of the cheapest and most important insurance policies you take against your current flooring when you consider the cost of replacing a tile, wood, or carpet surface. Cleats can tear up the brand new carpet of a pro shop or a tile locker room flooring with ease. A dirty, beat up floor immediately ruins the aesthetic value of any room, and leaves a lasting image in customer’s minds of the care and cleanliness of the overall establishment.

2. Keep Customers Happy

Rubber floor matting in the correct areas will keep customers free from worry of slipping, which is common between metal spiked cleats and tile/wood surfaces. Angry or upset customers are the last thing a business owner wants to deal with, especially when such slipping can be prevented with simple indoor or outdoor sport flooring. Another added benefit for the customer is the lack of wear and tear on their spikes as the metal or plastic will not become as rundown when interacting with rubber as opposed to tile or wood.

Black in color DIY Comfort Floor Made of Natural and Reclaimed Rubbers person standing
Person using black zcycle tile on floor for exercise

3. Save Money

The cost of replacing tile locker room flooring as opposed to a worn out rubber sport floor is significantly more. There is no installation costs associated with a rubber sports floor as you or your maintenance staff should be able to easily lay it into place. There is very little upkeep or expenses related to rubber flooring and a simple spray wash or mopping will keep it in good shape.

As a business owner who frequents customers wearing athletic cleats it is a wise investment to purchase rubber surfacing. Protection, customer satisfaction, and saving money are all achieved through this simple DIY project. Make the responsible choice and keep your current floors clean and prevent further scratching and scuffing by utilizing rubber sports matting today.

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