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All-season floor mats—Rubber Surfacing for Outdoor Pathways

You may have never thought about it, but a good way to better denote designated pathways can be through the use of strategically placed rubber flooring. This can be especially useful if your place of business requires that guests as well as employees adhere to certain trails and routs, such as in the case of museums or art studios with outside exhibits, and markets with outside fruit stands. Whether your company setting is primarily inside or outdoors, having clearly designated paths can contribute greatly to your success. Rubber is a remarkably durable material that is perfectly suited for use in a variety of environments, some of which can be extremely abrasive. All-season floor mats are frequently made out of rubber, because of its extraordinary durability. And when your surfacing is expected to be outdoor flooring, little else can be expected because you definitely don’t want to spend more time and money on constant repairs and replacements. Available in a wide assortment of styles and even colors, rubber flooring is the perfect solution for any situation—no matter how unique. Rubber comes available as runners (which can be cut into custom lengths), as well as interlocking tiles, as well as small or large outdoor mats.

These are 5 excellent reasons why you should add all-season floor mats to any and all of your outdoor pathways.

  • Safety for People
  • Whether you want to clearly define footpaths around your home, or you need to showcase walkways in or outside of marketplaces, universities, or museums, safety should always be a concern. Outdoor flooring is susceptible to all the whims and wiles of Mother Nature’s moods. That means sometimes it might be nice and dry, while other days it could be covered in dew, rain, and depending where you live—even snow. Whatever the case may be, rubber matting will provide both guests and employees with a safe place to stand and walk as they move around.

  • Safety for Products
  • I can easily imagine a place like a plant nursery, which can house some very delicate and frail (but beautiful flowers). There are usually very clearly marked pathways for customers, to ensure that plants won’t be damaged as people browse and shop. A number of deliberately placed small or large outdoor mats can help customers and their children know where it is and isn’t safe to stand. This same application can work around outside sculptures, and gardens.

  • Durable Outdoors
  • Many rubber flooring options, especially those being used in outdoor applications, are made from reclaimed and recycled material. A majority of this material comes from discarded tires, which are a true testament to this products durability and toughness. Consider the conditions that tires are designed to stand up against—hot asphalt, constant exposure to corrosive sunlight, rain, snow, and so many more things! Rubber outdoor flooring is made to last!

  • Maintenance is a Breeze!
  • Regardless of the venue or business, cleanliness and professional appearance, is always going to be a concern. And although our examples all showcase pretty different locations, they all have a very real need for corralling people in certain directions. High foot traffic tends to mean dirtier floors, which translates to more time cleaning. All-season floor mats, when they’re made out of rubber, are going to be really easy to clean up. This is not a material that’s going to give you many problems—a good sweep of the broom and hose-down can ensure that your rubber surfacing stays looking good.

  • Large Assortment of Styles
  • No two locations are going to be the same, even if they are in the same business! With a diverse range of needs, rubber flooring can be found in many styles. Some styles even come in attention-grabbing colors, which can further help in keeping people moving in the right direction. There are rolls of rubber available, which can be cut into custom length runners—these are perfect for providing a long and uninterrupted path as they are available in lengths of up to 50 ft.! There are also interlocking tiles, which can be used for larger paths and in bright colors for a more kid friendly applications. And finally, there are small and large outdoor mats, which are perfectly suited for being placed at the entrance of buildings.

Left grey shoe on top of a black rubber mat
1 Tile zoomed in of a recycled rolls black texture
  • Ease of Installation

With rubber flooring you get great quality, amazing advantages, and simplicity—in a very functional and useful way. All of these surfacing solutions are very easy to install, requiring very little technical knowledge. Many all-season floor mats require little else but being lied down, after which they’ll settle under their own weight. If you want something a little more permanent, double-sided adhesives are available, which will keep your rubber runners from running! And in the event that something has to be replaced due to wear and tear, removal will not be a tedious operation. Even large outdoor mats can easily be moved, to be cleaned or replaced!

If you’re unsure which kind of outdoor flooring is the best option for you, let us help! Our product specialists are available to assist you every Monday through Friday, between 6 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time. Call us now at 1.866.378.5679!

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