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Rubber Horse Trailer Mats Will Easily Protect Trailer Beds From Messes

Floor Mat Company’s horse trailer mats are designed to protect the trailer bed and tender a comfortable floor surface, whether used as horse trailer, livestock trailers, or otherwise. Simple rectangular trailers design allows for tiles or rolled floor mats to be installed. This makes putting in place the flooring product generally a “do it yourself” task.

Each trailer’s flooring is really a function of the use. Wagon floors often are used to transport heavy objects, animals that can cause real damage to trailer floors. Our rubber floor mats can provide excellent protection to help prevent unnecessary damage at affordable rates. Often time floor design consists of a metal or wood base, which can be degraded from repeated wear on the surface. This is especially evident in used trailers or ones which have seen their share of deterioration.

Since Floor Mat Company is a Rubber-Cal store, we specialize in offering rubber flooring products. And Horse trailer mats are no exception. We offer custom cut rolls in several of our rubber flooring products which allow the client to purchase exactly the lengths they need. No longer are you forced to purchase long rolls of rubber, trim them on site and be left with waste! We do the work for you in addition we do it fast. Most custom cut rolls are shipped within 24 hours of an order.

No matter what you are transporting, trailer mats is a key to the longevity of your wagon’s floor. Physical abrasion can be a problem with almost any trailer, since they are often used to move big objects that can scratch or damage the trailer floors. A rubber floor mat is an excellent for providing protection for your trailer floor. If you have any questions or concerns call us and let us help with your horse or livestock trailer flooring project!

Grease-Resistant Rubber Mat black color placed on bathroom surface
Brown bag on the ground on the left underneath a black rubber mat
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