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Recycled Flooring is a Durable and Affordable Option for any Location!

In the modern world, sustainable products—especially those made from recycled materials—have a more responsible beginning. Producers of these recycled products are more conscious of the carbon footprint that their manufacturing factories leave behind; therefore they make an effort to be as efficient and sustainable as possible in their use of energy, water, and materials. Rubberized recycled flooring is no different! With rubber, there tends to be a wide variety of specific materials that can be utilized, such as natural, synthetic, blends—and of course recycled. Recycled rubber mats and other elastomer surfacing options are often made from reclaimed and reprocessed automobile tires, which is a wonderful way to repurpose a widely used product. According to, “Every year approximately 290 million tires are disposed of [in the US]. Today over 75 percent of all scrap tires are recycled, used for fuel, or used for other applications.” That is a lot better than having these tires end up in landfills, where it could take centuries for them to break down! Also consider that in many applications, a green floor mat is not only functionally preferred but it’s also going to be less expensive. But at its core, this isn’t just an affordable and long-lasting product—this is an amazingly functional product too! So whether you’re using recycled rubber tile, runners, or mats, this is a product that will lend itself to a huge number of applications and environments.

Check out these 10 applications where recycled flooring really shines!

  1. Residential Applications
    Whether it’s being used as playground surfacing out in your backyard or as protective flooring in your basement—the resilience of this recycled material is really going to show in your home. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, recycled rubber mats can work in your personal space both functionally as well as aesthetically.
  1. Educational Applications
    It’s easy to see why someone would chose to use a green floor mat both inside as well as outside of a school. This is a durable material, which inherited much of its strength from its material source—recycled tires. When you consider the sort of harsh environments that tires are made to stand up against, it makes a lot of sense why this is a preferred flooring option for places that are constantly exposed to the running, jumping, falling, and overall rambunctious behavior of kids! Apart from that—this is a great way to start teaching children about how recycling has a direct affect on their lives through products that they use.
  1. Retail Applications
    Available as recycled rubber tile, mats, and runners (not to mention different colors and textures)—this product can easily fit into odd shaped rooms, bigger or smaller spaces, and even narrow corridors. This flooring option also has a highly professional appearance that will reflect well on your retail location while keeping employees and customers safe.
  1. Food Service Applications
    Once again, the durability of this material is what makes it so well suited for the abrasive application of work within commercial kitchens. Due to the rubber’s natural resistant’s to water it can be exposed to wet environments without fear of it being ruined.  Recycled rubber mats are in todays most famous kitchens!
  1. Outdoor Applications
    Tires, which are the material source for recycled elastomers, are all-weather and all-terrain products. That means that tires have to be able to withstand harsh conditions such as excessive wetness, snow, constant exposure to corrosive sunlight, and rough roads. The use of tires in recycled flooring makes this a strong option that is perfectly suited for outdoor applications!
  1. Medical Flooring Applications
    Rubber has a natural high coefficient for friction, which paired with the often-raised designs of elastomer flooring, produces exceptional traction and grip. No place is this more important than in the medical field where doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers need to have secure
    footing in order to do their job correctly. You definitely wouldn’t want your nurse to have unsure footing when she’s trying to give you a flu shot!
  1. Safety Applications

The traction rich surfaces of recycled rubber mats are not only good for medical applications! These mats can be placed at the entrance of buildings, homes, and stores in order to help people keep their footing. And in the unfortunate event of a fall, thicker flooring options can help keep people from suffering serious injuries.

  1. Comfort Applications

In the same way that the use of thicker recycled rubber tile can protect someone if they should fall—the supple and elastic nature of the product will also provide wonderful anti-fatigue qualities. This is perfect for use anywhere where people have to spend a long time standing or walking, such as assembly lines, workstations, or gymnasiums.

Wrench, Screw, and tape measurer on top a. recycled rolls black mat
ZCycle Tiles black in color ideal for gym floors
  1. Pet Applications
    A green floor mat can be used within a pet crate, pen, or any other area that your four-legged companion may occupy. This supple flooring will provide comfort to your pet, while also being easy to clean! And because of rubber’s natural resistance to water it can inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, an especially wonderful quality when you consider the health of your beloved pets.
  1. Industrial Applications
    From offering your business a sharp, clean, and professional appearance to giving your employees added comfort and security, rubberized recycled flooring is a great investment. This tough material will protect subflooring from heavy machinery, while also dampening the noise of vibrations.
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