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10 Places for a Recycled Rubber Floor in Residential Applications

Whether you’re a seasoned eco-champion or you’re just starting to take baby-steps toward living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, there are a number of options that can allow help you be a positive force for the environment. From recycling to composting, living green doesn’t necessarily have to cause you too much trouble—but the benefits that will come from the joint efforts of all of us will have effects that will resonate for many years to come. One method of helping the environment, all while utilizing a product with amazing advantages, is through the use of a recycled rubber floor products. Often made from discarded automobile tires, this flooring option is incredibly strong and resilient as can be imaged due to the source of the recycled material! Automobile tires are required to withstand abrasive environments—like constant exposure to sun, excessive moisture, snow, and uneven or rough roads. This is a true testament to this floorings durability! Available as a recycled rubber mat, roll, or interlocking tile—green rubber flooring is a great option if you’re looking to get involved in conservation and in using reusable resources. And if you think that it will be a stretch to figure out how to use recycled surfacing in your home then you couldn’t be more wrong! Within residential applications, eco-friendly rubber flooring has a multitude of uses which aren’t at all contrived!

Check out these 10 places in and around the home that could greatly benefit from the use of a recycled rubber floor.

  1. Home Gym
  2. Green rubber flooring comes in a variety of gauges. A thicker surface will provide excellent subfloor protection within home gyms where heavy exercise equipment is liable to jump and rock during use. Also, if your gym employs a weight station then it’s very important to protect against dropped barbells, weights, and other equipment that can easily fall and cause serious damage to original floors. Rubber is perfectly suited for absorbing the impact that results from these accidents!

  1. Childs Bedroom
  2. Especially useful for very young children—specifically toddlers who are learning to walk (and who are therefore stumbling and falling quite a bit), interlocking tiles can be used to make a safe matted area for them to play and practice on. Because falls can often end in tears and injuries, the supple nature of rubber is a great way to protect little ones.

  1. Recreation and Family Rooms
  2. If you’re trying to win your family back from television and social media outlets, then having a recreation room could be a great choice. But no one will want to sit or stand on an uncomfortable floor. A rubberized floor makes a perfect anti-fatigue surface, which will support feet, ankles, legs, and butts (if you’re sitting them)—allowing your family and guests to maximize game nights!

  1. Bathrooms
  2. Rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction that is often paired with a richly textured surface design—this produces a wonderful slip resistant option that is perfect to use in bathrooms.

  1. Kitchen
  2. A kitchen can be a dangerous place! With sharp knives, hot pans, and many other high risk areas—ensuring that you have a safe slip resistant surface to stand on is a great way to ensure your families security. A strategically placed recycled rubber mat can help keep specific areas around your kitchen safe without completely hiding the hardwood, tile, or linoleum floor that you may be trying to show off.

  1. Storage Rooms/Closest
  2. While eco-friendly rubber flooring will protect subflooring—did you know it can also protect cherished items and expensive equipment? Placing a rubberized surface within a closet, or an outside storage facility like a shed, can help you protect these items. Because rubber is resistant to water it will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, which could cause equipment, clothing, and other items some pretty serious damage.

  1. Garage
  2. This tends to be a place with multiple purposes. Anything from a personal workshop to extended storage space—whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain, this place has to be comfortable. More often than not, garages will come suited with hard concrete floors, which makes them cold uncomfortable to stand on for extended periods of time. This can be a huge problem if you plan to use your garage for more than just storage! A recycled rubber floor is a great way to add comfort and warmth to nearly any surface, immediately turning the space into something more welcoming.

Elephant bark flooring utilized underneath a gym
Shark tooth mat black in color perfect for heavy duty equipments
  1. Laundry Rooms
  2. Much like home gyms, laundry rooms will house heavy duty equipment that will experience quite a bit of movement while they’re in use. Placing a recycled rubber mat under these appliances will protect the subflooring as well as your washer and dryer (which could be very costly to repair and replace should they break). Acting as a barrier, eco-friendly rubber flooring will absorb the shock of movement and will also help to dampen the sound and vibrations of these machines.

  1. Outdoor Locations
  2. As previously stated, the material source used in these recycled flooring options ensures that these are tough and durable products. Just like automobile tires which are expected to perform in harsh weather conditions—you can have the same expect from your green rubber flooring. This is a product that will endure through rain or snow, while still offering the same protective qualities to individuals, subfloors, and inanimate objects.

  1. Hallways
  2. A recycled rubber floor is available in mats, interlocking tiles, and runners. Because of this availability of styles even narrow hallways can be protected from the abuse of heavy foot traffic—this can be especially important if you want to protect hardwood floors or carpet.

So as you can see green rubber flooring is extremely versatile and will be a great addition to any home—in nearly any space!

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