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Can Rubber Commercial Mats Be Useful In A Warehouse Setting

If you’ve been racking your brain trying to figure industrial flooring solutions for your warehouse then search no more! Whether you’re the owner, a manager, or even an employee tasked with the mission of finding something suitable for your industrial flooring needs there are quite a number of things you have to keep in mind. There’s safety, comfort, affordability, and ease of installation just to name a few! A warehouse is a place where you store all your raw-materials or manufactured goods; it’s a place to store anything from highly valuable things to not so valuable raw materials, or vice versa. Whatever the case may be, chances are you probably see quite a bit of foot-traffic in your warehouse. With employees moving about—organizing, collecting, putting away, or prepping any variety of things for shipment, you definitely want to make sure you give them a good foundation to work on. Rubber commercial mats offer a number of benefits, such as added traction, which will help you achieve a safer work environment. And strategically placed work-station mats will promote efficiency in employees thanks to the anti-fatigue properties offered by many rubber floor mats. Industrial settings don’t have to conjure visions of long grueling hours, full of discomfort and risky conditions! Check out these reasons why we think a rubber commercial mats yield the very best industrial flooring solutions!

  1. Safety
    There is nothing more important than safety—especially when dealing with people in your place of business. Not only are we certain that you want to treat your employees with respect and consideration, but carelessness when it comes to your industrial flooring needs can also be costly if someone gets seriously hurt after a fall. Rubber commercial mats can be spread out over a variety of areas to provide much needed traction—with designs like raised diamond platting or ribbed ridges. This will add more grip and will help people keep their footing whether they’re just walking or carrying or pushing heavy boxes. It doesn’t matter if it’s an open-air outdoor walkway or an indoor concrete floor, commercial mats will add friction to any surface even when wet. Since warehouse floors are subject to variable conditions the threat of slips and falls needs to be minimized. Slips can be caused by wet or oily conditions, and rubber work-station mats can help decrease these risks.
  1. Comfort

Another important aspect to consider is the comfort of your employees. A warehouse setting is nothing like a desk job! Working in warehouses usually involves standing in specific areas for extended periods of time, which can lead to fatigue on legs, joints, and feet. Packaging areas, fabrication tables and will-call counters all require that staff stands in one location for long periods of time. Floor comfort is vital in making sure that staff stay energetic hence effective, therefore comfort is really a key component when thinking about your industrial flooring. Providing employees with thicker and softer rubber work-station mats will greatly

increase their comfort and thus their efficiency. With a number of styles that offer anti-fatigue cushioning for assembly lines and areas where employees may be required to stand for long periods of time, rubber commercial mats are the perfect answer.

  1. Durability
    Rubberized industrial flooring is very resilient and tough, making it perfect as warehouse flooring. In rugged manufacturing environments, there is a lot of high traffic and abrasive conditions, which could all benefit from rubber floor mats. Industrial warehouses may even see heavy machinery use, in which case this durable rubber material will stand up the challenge. Often times these work-station mats are made from recycled and reclaimed rubber with its source material being tires. Tires are designed for all of the harsh environments of nature, so they can definitely withstand the workload of your warehouse.
Blue Dot Recycled Rubber Roll placed on Gym Floor with Dumbell on top
Diamond plate black texture
  1. Affordability
    High quality doesn’t always have to come at a high price. Rubber commercial mats, as stated previously, are often made from recycled material which means that savings made from not using raw materials get passed down to consumers. But even if you’re not using recycled material, rubber work-stations mats are generally less expensive than whole flooring projects that require a contractor and the removal and installation of permanent flooring fixtures.
  1. Ease of Installation
    Rubber commercial mats and work-station mats come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some rubber mats are available in interlocking versions, which allow them to be connected together to create long extended runners. So whatever the size or the shape of your warehouse, you’re certain to find your industrial flooring solutions with rubberized surfacing. But one of the best and most useful benefits of rubber industrial flooring is the ease with which it can be installed. So you can forget about having to spend a whole week, or two, or three, having contractors tear the floors out of your buildings. The installation, removal, and upkeep of commercial mats are all very friendly DIY projects!
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