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Shower Mats For Residential or Commercial Use

Shower mats are an excellent non-slip safety solution for any wet bath or washroom. Because rubber naturally has a high coefficient of friction, it makes a great safety mat for wet spaces. Rubber material itself is essentially “non-slip”! As rubber surfacing specialists, we offer shower mats that are highly effective for either residential or commercial uses. Shower matting and non-slip floor mats can improve the safety of any wet space.

Additionally, rubber is naturally anti-microbial. In other words, bacteria and mold cannot be harbored on rubber! As a result, rubber mats will never act as a source of food for harmful bacteria. Unlike wood and other organic materials, rubber will not host organisms. Rubber mats promote a clean, hygienic and non-slip material—

given that they are cleaned regularly. In showers, large amounts of water will often sit on floor surfaces, which can cause slips and falls with just one wrong step. Shower floors are often made with slippery surfaces. Smooth, slippery tiles are tubs often are easier to clean and maintain. A shower stall mat can alleviate this problem by increasing the surface tension of the floor. Rubber mats do this very effectively!

Another key feature of shower mats are the drainage holes found throughout the body of the floor mat. We offer seamless rubber rolls that contain various holes, allowing water to pass through the mat rather than allowing it to sit on the surface. Longer rubber mats allow can be used in public locations for flooring spaces without gaps. The bottom surfaces of these mats also contain a raised pattern that allows water to pass through to the drain and prevents moisture from pooling. Additionally, our honeycombed mats have textured surface patterns that provide additional traction, further reducing the risks of slips and falls.

It is important to keep your shower flooring safe. An injury from a slip or fall could be as simple as a small bruise—or, at worst, a serious injury. A shower safety mat is an excellent investment in the long run. While there may be initial minor costs, a shower mat will pay with safety in the end. If you need help choosing a mat for your needs please contact us. We are here to help!

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