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Protective Rubber Mats are Designed to Shield Floors From Damage

Floor Mat Company specializes in protective rubber mats that are designed to shield floors from damage. Whether you need to shield your floors from weights, fitness machines, and heavy equipment, or protect your entryways from dirty foot traffic, our rubber mats are the ideal choice. There are many settings in which you might need to use protective flooring.

Whatever your reason for choosing our resilient flooring products, you can be sure that you are getting a durable, easy-to-install floor that can stand up to the toughest conditions. We recommend that you consult one of our staff with regard to your specific needs to ensure that you are choosing the best products for your application. In stock and ready to ship, our mats and rolls are available in different colors, thicknesses, and textures. Because floor protection is always an open-ended project, we offer a wide selection of floor mats to cover an assortment of needs!

Perhaps you intend to add surface protection mats to your warehouse in order to reduce floor damage. The shock and impact absorption offered by our floor mats will greatly reduce the amount of damage your floor suffers due to machine vibration a bare floor. Excessive vibrations can often damage equipment over time. Rubber mats are elastic and will absorb most repeated impact and shock. By investing in a protective rubber mat, you will no longer have this problem!

A home fitness rooms is another application that would benefit from the use of our impact-absorbing rubber mats. Our rubber mats act as a shock absorber for your joints and make your workout a more pleasant experience. These mats also protect sub-floors from the weight of fitness machinery.

Brown Table on top of a brown plate diamond mat
Blue Dot Recycled Rubber Roll placed on Gym Floor with Dumbell on top

The most common use of protective rubber mats is as doormats in entranceways! Entrance floors tend to suffer from wear because they experience high amounts of traffic on a daily basis. Anyone who enters or exits your house must pass through these entrances, possibly tracking dirt and debris onto your interior floors. A floor protection mat will remove most of this moisture and debris and help to keep your floors cleaner. For this application we offer coco mats, vinyl mats and carpet mats that can help to reduce wear and tear on entry floors. These doormats will also save maintenance costs!

If you are looking for floor protection surfacing, our floor mats are sure to suit your needs. Let us help you in your search! Call our matting experts during normal business hours (6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time) at 1.866.378.5679.

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