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Shed Flooring Helps to Create a Functional Storage Area

We offer rubber shed flooring options that are inexpensive, easy to install and quick to implement. If you are turning your shed into a functional storage area, it is important to install shed flooring that is tough enough to withstand abrasive conditions and protect the floors underneath. This is especially important if you plan on storing heavy equipment or tools in the area. Dropped tools or equipment can damage concrete floors as well as the tools themselves

Floor Mat Company’s rubber floor mats can prevent this type of damage to shed pads by providing impact absorption and floor protection. We offer up to ¾-inch-thick rubber mats that are very tough, provide excellent floor protection, and make great area mats for shed workshop applications. If you are looking to cover a larger area, a rolled rubber flooring mat is the way to go.

Rubber flooring is available in up to ¼-inch thicknesses, allowing it to be easily rolled up and sold in rolls. Even then, our rubber floors are still very tough, provide excellent traction, and are available in longer lengths that can be used to cover larger areas. As a result, they are great shed flooring options!

For more ideas about storage area or shed flooring, feel free to contact a Rubber-Cal representative at 1-866-378-5680 (U.S. only) or 1-714-772-3000 (International) during regular business hours, Monday-Friday from 6am-5pm Pacific Standard Time.

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