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Rubber Mats—Treadmill Mats for Noise Reduction!

It’s hard to keep up with all the new exercise fads these days. From Zumba to crossfit to kettlebell training, all these new workout regimes involve breaking the bank for new equipment. While these cult exercises come and go, and gym membership prices continue to rise, there is one staple that has been the cornerstone of both commercial and home gyms for almost a century, the treadmill. The treadmill essentially brings running (an outdoor exercise) indoors. This is essential for any runner living in an area plagued with inclement weather, or simply someone who enjoys multi-tasking (personally I enjoy catching up on the news while running.) The biggest roadblock for most consumers when considering a treadmill is the level of noise associated with these machines. The noise of the engine coupled with the stomping noise from each running stride generates a good deal of racket, especially for neighbors and family members. Gym rubber mats, placed between the treadmill and the floor, use the natural shock-absorbing characteristic of rubber to minimize vibration and sounds produced from the machine. Rubber home gym flooring, specifically a treadmill floor mat, is essential for the protection of your subflooring when you start pounding miles upon miles on that heavy treadmill machine in your living room. The uses and benefits are invaluable as you can use rubber treadmill mats for noise reduction, protection, and aesthetic value to name a few.

Here are 3 reasons rubber mats make a home treadmill work for you!

  1. The “Noise Factor”
    As previously stated, the “noise factor” associated with a home treadmill is the biggest hurdle for an on-the-fence consumer. If you live in an apartment or duplex, the last thing you want while exercising is a call from the landlord or the police regarding a noise complaint from your downstairs neighbor.  Treadmills may have small legs or feet that rest on the floor, and since these small areas are the only points of contact, the shock sent down from the machine is amplified.  A rubber treadmill mat spreads the impact and vibrations which it receives from the treadmill across its area, reducing the sound and vibrations and keeping them from being transferred. Rubber is simply the best and most effective solution when considering treadmill mats for noise reduction in home gyms.
  1. Location, Location, Location
    The days of relegating the treadmill to the dark scary corner of the garage are over. Since gym rubber mats curtail noise, don’t worry about bringing that treadmill inside. Home gym flooring is now available in many varieties of colors and patterns to match the “feng shui” or style of any room. It’s as easy as finding suitable room, laying down that mat, finding someone strong enough to move the treadmill onto the mat, and then running!
  1. Protect Your Subflooring
    You don’t have to be a physics major to realize that a 300 pound machine that is repeatedly jumped on by a near similar weighted human is going to be bad news for your home flooring. Wood, tile, or carpet flooring will all incur significant amount of damage over a period of time if no protective cushioning is laid between your treadmill and your original flooring. Home gym flooring lies directly on top of your current flooring and can give you that piece of mind as you increase the speed of your treadmill and start really going for the gold. A dense and thick rubber treadmill floor mat is the ideal shock absorber to ensure the protection of your original flooring.
Elephant bark flooring utilized underneath a gym
Resilient Recycled Rubber Mat Reduces Vibrations and Noise man exercising on it

Such an easy, simple, and affordable solution to your home treadmill problem rests solely in the proper selection of home gym rubber mats. The importance of rubber treadmill mats for noise reduction and protection of your current flooring cannot be understated. So get rid of that costly gym membership, choose an attractive treadmill floor mat, and start running at any temperature you choose!

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