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A Non-Slip Mat for the Bathroom–Rubber and Carpet, Together?

For the most part, when people are decorating their bathrooms, they tend to be pretty good about safety. It seems to be common knowledge that stepping out of a shower or bath, and onto slippery tile (or any other sort of surfacing), can be dangerous if you don’t have any sort of special anti-slip flooring waiting for you. So a very common commodity to see inside of bathrooms is bathmats, small area rugs, or any other sort of non-slip mat you can think of. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and are even made out of a multitude of materials, like cotton, leather, synthetic blends, and silk—just to name a few! However, style can often get in the way of functionality, and after making a purchase people will find themselves shopping yet again for grip mats or a traction

tread. These tend to be made out of thin rubber, which is placed under the original bathroom mat and helps keep it securely in place in wet conditions. But did you know that there are products that already come with all the practicality of a friction-rich rubber backing and the soft comforting surface of carpet?

Consider these 4 reasons why a rubber backed carpet mat could be the best choice for your anti-slip flooring needs.

The most important job that a bathmat has to provide is safety—aesthetics is secondary. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have both aspects working together. For your bathroom you’ll definitely want something that is efficient as well as beautiful. But using two separate products to achieve this purpose seems tedious, especially when you can have all the benefits in one single non-slip mat. Using a rubber backed mat on slippery tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors is going to give you all the benefits of a specially made traction tread. Besides, having only one product to clean up instead of two seems like a great way to cut down on cleaning time! In the end, having a rubber backed mat, is going to offer you greater security against slips, which is a bathmat’s most vital function.

I think it’s safe to assume that bathroom mats are by far one of the most ignored items in our cleaning routines. Mostly because, I think, we’re not entirely sure how to clean them. Some thicker fabric mats cannot be put into the washer without risking damage, and some thinner ones look like they might fall apart if we do much more than shake them out. But I know we’ve all caught that strange musky-wet smell of a bathroom mat. It’s unpleasant and gives your bathroom an unkempt appearance. Traditional bath mats can yellow with time and become musty or moldy; rubber on the other hand inhibits the growth of mold upon its surface (due to its water-resistant qualities), making it a perfect choice for use in

areas where there is excessive moisture. Using a rubber based non-slip mat is going to be easier to take care of, since it can stand up to strenuous shaking, and the carpeted aspect of it can easily be cleaned using a vacuum.

Just because you are using a highly functional product doesn’t mean you have to trade in aesthetics qualities. There are a variety of colors and sizes available for many rubber backed carpet mats. There are also non-carpeted options, which often showcase any number of neat and professional raised designs that act as a traction tread on slippery tile (or any other sort of surface). Grip mats, all on their own, could also be utilized as anti-slip flooring inside your bathroom. These are particularly handy because they easily become full-flooring solutions since they are often available in varying lengths. But if your heart is set on another style of bathroom matting, thin rubber surfacing is always available for all your traction treading needs!

speckled mat with liquids spilled on it and a round red funnel
Premium Rubber Flooring Roll in slate stone tone placed on floor water spilled from mug to show anti spillage

• Durability
Durability is also an important element to consider when selecting a non-slip mat. As we already touched on, rubber backed matting is very easy to maintain and because there is no worry of molding you can rest assured that the product will last a long time. These particular mats are tough; Rubber in anti-slip flooring brings a lot to the table, namely resilience against abrasive environments.

Slippery tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors can be dangerous for any person regardless of age, size, or gender, so do everything you can to protect against accidents and painful injuries by placing a non-slip mat in your bathroom. With a number of available designs and applications grip mats can be a bit overwhelming. If you have any questions regarding the use of rubber backed carpet mats, or if you want to learn more about rubber flooring in general, let us know! Product specialists are available between 6 am and 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday, at 1.866.378.5679.

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