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Can Rubberized Flooring for a Gym Work in a Recreation Room?

An unfortunate trend in America is that families are spending less and less time together. It has to do with busier work schedules, with prolonged exposure to the internet (such as social media sites), and of course to an overall disconnect due to exhaustion and stress. If you happen to find yourself and your family in this sort of situation, a good way to break out of the rut is with the implementation of a family recreation room. However, we don’t all have very much extra room in our homes to dedicate to games and toys. For this reason many people choose to utilize or fully convert their garage, attic, patios or decks into family friendly spaces—fully equipped with Ping-Pong, Foosball,  darts, or any other number of fun recreation room games. If you’re considering setting up a game room for your family, friends, or employees then we urge you not to forget the most important part—the floor! Garages, attics, and decks often have hard and unforgiving surfaces, which can be hard on feet, ankles, and knees. Flooring for a gym tends to be made out of supple and highly resistant rubber, which makes it perfect to use in your recreation room. Sport tiles can be used to cover a large area, so the size of the space won’t be a concern.  But if you are looking for something smaller then rubber fitness mats can be strategically placed throughout the room.

Rubberized multi-purpose gym flooring is the best choice for any residential or commercial game room due to its resilience, affordability, and of course because of the added comfort that it can offer. Check out these 5 reasons why rubberized flooring for a gym is also perfectly suited for your recreation room!

  • Comfort
    One very important trait that your game room flooring has to have is comfort. Because this is a place where people will come to unwind, to have fun, and to spend time together it should be made to be as welcoming as possible. Using rubberized sport tiles to cover all the surfacing of the recreation room is a great way to protect against the cold of concrete or tile floors and the hardness of hardwood and linoleum. Rubber surfacing is elastic and supple, therefore providing a softer surface upon which to stand and play on—even with bare feet!
  • Resilient

And don’t forget, your flooring should also be durable enough to stand up against heavy foot traffic as well as heavy activity. Rubber fitness mats and interlocking tiles are designed to withstand a high amount of foot traffic, so they truly are perfectly suited for a sports and recreation environment—and much more! Recreation rooms should always include a floor that will last as long as the equipment in the area. Delicate surfaces such as carpet or hardwood floors are probably not the best choices because they could easily be damaged—such as being stained, scratched, or just fading with wear and time. Multi-purpose gym flooring will often be made with recycled materials, the main source of

which is discarded and reclaimed tires. When you consider the sort of abrasive environment that automobile tires have to withstand—constant exposure to sun, rain, snow, and uneven or harsh terrains, then it makes perfect sense why this is such a resilient and tough material.

  • Economical
    Due to the use of recycled material, costs on production can be greatly reduced. Not having to treat and prepare brand new materials isn’t just environmentally friendly, but it allows production costs to be significantly lowered, which in turn are savings that get passed down directly to the consumer. Rubberized flooring for a gym or recreation room doesn’t have to break the budget! This cost effective flooring choice will leave lots left over for a few more fun games.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Rubberized surfacing is easy to maintain due to its water resistant qualities. It will require little more than a broom with which to sweep off debris, and a damp mop to wipe away dirt and grime. And if you happen to employ individualized mats, these can easily be taken outside and hosed off.
Black color treadmill mat Reduces Treadmills Noise and Impact, Protects Floors treadmill placed on it
Elephant bark flooring underneath rows of dumbbells of various weights
  • Simple to Install
    In addition to all of these wonderful qualities, rubber fitness mats, sport tiles, and runners can be easily installed and removed. This means that it will be easy to move the flooring in the even that you decide to remodel your room, for thorough cleanings, or for cleaning and drying after a flood. And because of the ease with which multi-purpose gym flooring can be installed and removed, these products can be installed by almost anyone and are proven to be more cost effective than hiring a professional installer.

Flooring for a gym has to be durable, affordable, and comfortable—but it doesn’t have to be used exclusively within a gym! This flooring option can easily be employed in your recreation room or anywhere else in your home!

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