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Rubber Gym Flooring- The Only Solution for a Crossfit Exercise

Crossfit is the newest exercise trend that’s sweeping the nation; you’ve seen the commercials, screaming and cheering, loud rock music, and the necessary slamming of barbells directly on the exercise floor. Crossfit revolves around high intensity training with free weights and barbells that typically strays away from standard gym setups in that there are no cardio or weight lifting machines. Walking into a crossfit gym has a post-apocalyptic feel to it as the gyms only two visible features are the barbells and workout floors. Most of the workouts done in crossfit gyms involve non-machine dependent exercises such as pushups, intense abdominal workouts, jump-rope, as well as various clean- lifts involving barbells. Given the nature of crossfit and the exercises involved, the most important investment a gym owner can make is in the type and quality of gym floor padding. Rubber gym flooring is the perfect, easy, and cost-effective solution for any gym owner considering flooring options for their crossfit gym.

These are our 2 main reasons why rubber should be the only choice when it comes to gym floor padding for crossfit athletics.

  • Slam Safer and Protect Your Assets!
    An integral part of crossfit lies in the intensity of the exercises and the culture surrounding these intense workouts. This culture, like it or not, consists of people exercising together and pushing each other to their absolute limits while in these groups. This is where you see the commercial of one person repping a barbell surrounded by five to ten screaming peers, which always ends in the same way, a large slam or toss of that barbell directly onto the exercise floor. This can be painful and make gym owners cringe as concerns of the durability and life of their workout floors and weights can seem to shorten with each vicious slam. This is exactly where the correct type of flooring can save the day; rubber has a natural shock

absorbing trait to it that minimizes the bounce back of these weights when they are being slammed.  Lying the correct rubber flooring can help ensure better safety of gym patrons as well as lengthen the life of your weights and dumbbells. Furthermore, choosing a rubber exercise floor will ensure the protection and integrity of the existing subsurface under your newly installed rubber protective flooring.

  • Easily Install a Unique and Fresh Look!

Unlike the patrons that will be using your gym, you don’t need to be an extremely in shape person or have any necessary skills to install

rubber gym flooring in your gym. Rubber workout floors are available in easy to install rolls or tiles that involve nothing more than unrolling or laying down with ease to cover and instantly transform your current floor into a safe, long lasting exercise floor. Your gym floor doesn’t necessarily have to be the standard all black look that is typical of most gyms. Crossfit gyms are always looking to set themselves apart from the “classic gym look” and what better way to do that than by installing workout floors with pizzazz and character. Rubber gym flooring is available in a multitude of different patterns and colors to give your gym that unique look that sets it apart from the competitors.

Resilient Recycled Rubber Mat Reduces Vibrations and Noise man exercising on it
Brown Table on top of a brown plate diamond mat

Well there you have it, the two main reasons why installing rubber gym flooring for your workout floor is beneficial to both your gym and brand. Set your gym apart from the others by simply laying down a rubber floor of your choosing. Easily protect yourself, your patrons, and assets all by installing whichever of the various gym floor padding shapes, sizes or colors you see fit!

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