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Recycled Tires—3 Things to Consider for your Outdoors Flooring

Do you find yourself looking out your window—sighing sadly and mulling over why you aren’t enjoying your back or front yard as much as you would like? It may have to do with your current outdoors flooring. If your deck or patio surfacing is hard and uncomfortable, then it may be preventing you from fully enjoying your gardens. So if you’re thinking of replacing, re-flooring, or just adding some protective surfacing to your deck, patio, back or front yard—we think you should definitely consider a rubberized option. Specifically, we recommend the use of eco-friendly floors, which utilizes as its main material source recycled tires. There are of course the obvious benefits that come from using recycled rubber products—such as the impact to the environment and the sense of accomplishment that goes hand in hand with being more environmentally conscious. After all, we’d all like to be more prudent in our use of declining resources, but sometimes functionality trumps everything. With “green” rubber surfacing options you don’t have to give up one or the other! Whether you need green floor tile, matting, or rolls—the versatility of this material will lend itself to a number of applications.

So before you make your final decision we would like you to consider these 3 reasons why we think eco-friendly floors is the perfect option for your needs.

  • Product Longevity
    A very important quality to have in any product—be it flooring or otherwise, is proven longevity. As consumers, we want to purchase goods that are going to be long lasting, hard working, and which will require as little maintenance as possible. This is especially true of products that we mean to use in order to increase the quality of our lives and enjoyment. A deck, patio, or any other outside space (especially in relationship to our homes) is supposed to be an area of beauty and leisure. Therefore, the flooring that we pick for this location has to be durable so that we don’t worry about wear and tear and constant replacement. Recycled rubber products are often made from discarded tires, which is a true testament to the resilience of this type of eco-friendly floors. Automobile tires are designed to be all-weather and all-terrain, meaning they have to withstand the abrasive treatments that are encountered while on the road—such as constant exposure to corrosive sunlight, excessive moisture, snow, and rough surfaces. So by using flooring options, such as green floor tile that utilize recycled tires—you can be certain that you’ll be getting those same advantages in your backyard!
  • Affordability

Because eco-friendly floors utilizes recycled materials, producers don’t have to use raw or virgin rubber—which translates into a product that comes from a reusable source, which also makes less expensive to make. These are savings that are passed down directly to the consumer, making it far more economical than other choices. But that’s really only one side of the sort of affordability that rubberized flooring will provide! Recycled tires make a product that is tough enough to be used as protective surfacing. Putting down an elastomer surface can act as a buffer between expensive subflooring and falling objects or other possible dangers that could damage original surfaces. This has the potential to save you a huge amount of money in expensive repair costs.

  • Ease of Installation
    Along with ease of maintenance (a broom for debris and a moist mop for more thorough cleanings—even a hose in outdoor applications!), there’s also ease of installation, which makes recycled rubber products a remarkably friendly DIY project. This is an important factor to consider because it could save you a lot of money on costly professional installations. And further down the road, when your eco-friendly floors start showing signs of wear and tear you wont have to replace the whole thing! With products like green floor tile, individual pieces can be removed and replaced, allowing you to save money as well as providing a more sustainable flooring option. With tiles, mats, and runners—installation is as easy as snapping together, lying down, or rolling out. Should a more permanent fixture ever be required, double-sided adhesives are the perfect way to secure your surfacing to subflooring.
Blue Premium Interlocking Rubber Floor Tile placed on gym floor ideal for heavy gym equipments
Black in color DIY Comfort Floor Made of Natural and Reclaimed Rubbers exercise equipments kept

Hopefully this leaves you with little doubt as to the amazing functionality of recycled tires in outdoor flooring applications! Available in a number of styles, sizes, textures, and even colors, there is definitely an option for any budget, function, and aesthetic need!

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