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Can A Rubber Ribbed Mat Make a Ski Resort Safer

Wet and slippery floors are a major concern for any business—especially those in and around snowy mountains areas. So let’s say your guest is heading up your resort, ready to enjoy that freshly fallen powdery snow—they have their snowboard, their skis, and the rest of their gear ready. One unfortunate fall can ruin all their fun. No one wants to spend their vacation in crutches, a cast, or worse yet in the hospital. Employing ribbed rubber matting at the entrances of your ski resort or any other kind establishment will greatly reduce the chances of painful accidents! A ribbed mat is specifically designed to act as a shoe scraper that removes excess snow from the bottom of feet, while also giving guests a nice dry surface upon which to stand. Because of textured rubber sheet design, any snow clinging to the soles of people’s shoes is caught and packaged downward with weight, where it melts and is drained out the sides of the mat. This becomes a much more important aspect of the design when patrons and guests of the establishment step inside, because by not bringing snow in, puddles of water are never formed. And nowhere is a puddle of water more dangerous than on a polished surface such as tile or hardwood flooring.

Protecting employees and clients is an important—and smart—business decision. And no place needs protective flooring more than a ski resort because they can, and they do, experience hazardous floor conditions. With all the varying weather conditions attributed to a mountain climate, a ski resort is no normal business location. Here are 4 ways that ribbed rubber matting can make a ski resort safer.

  1. A Safe Haven
    Whether guests are heading out to the slopes, jittery and excited to get their first taste of snow, or if they’re coming back thoroughly exhausted, you want to make sure that their path in and out of your establishment is safe. A ribbed mat at the entrance of your resort will prove to be a safe haven from slippery-icy puddles and compacted snow. With rubbers natural resistance against water, any textured rubber sheet will be a safe and dry place to stand for a quick rest.

2. Traction

Your guests probably won’t just stand around in one place—even if they have to catch their breaths!  The excitement of a well-deserved vacation is an infectious sentiment that makes people walk around with a wider and happier gait. The added traction of ribbed rubber matting will ensure that their cheerful sway doesn’t turn into grumpy hobbling on crutches! Rubber also has a higher natural coefficient of friction; this paired with the rigged design will ensure your guests have steadier footing.

3. Shoe Scraper

While a textured rubber sheet cannot be classified as a shoe

scraper, it does behave in much the same way. As we touched on earlier, the deep ridges of the design allow for open spaces underneath a shoe, which catch excess snow. As more and more snow is captured, it gets pushed down, where it melts, and drains out the sides. The beauty of this process is that it keeps snow—which turns into water, and then into puddles on your floor—outside rather than inside. This will greatly reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.

4. Unfortunately Accidents Do Happen

No matter how much you try to avoid it—accidents do happen. And in the unfortunate event of a fall, a ribbed mat will provide a much more forgiving surface upon which to land, compared to a hard floor. Rubber is elastic and it will actually give under the sudden weight of a falling body. And with its softer surface, ribbed rubber matting can be all the difference between a badly bloodied knee and a small bruise.

Black in color Indoor/Outdoor Slip-Resistant Rubber Floor Runners two people standing
Corrugated fine rib perpendicular angle image

There you have it, 4 reasons why textured rubber sheet makes a great safety addition to any ski resort, or any other establishment in or around snowy areas. With a variety of rubber and vinyl runners that are easily affordable on any budget, no one should ever deal with the risk of slip-and-fall accidents. In addition to providing anti-slip protection, these rubber products are a warmer and more comfortable surface, which is just another added benefit of this durable material. Rubber matting provides a clean and professional look that is very low-maintenance in its upkeep. Ski resorts, property owners, and businesses that congregate in mountains resorts should consider safety flooring as a cheap insurance policy.

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